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So what's on your "bucket list"?


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Jan 18, 2009
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Destin, Florida
Mine is kind of long but here is the top ten.:thumbup:
1. Be able to merry my lover
2. Spend 3 years traveling Europe (mainly Greece, Italy and Germany)
3. Learn to fly a plane
4. Spend a day with the Dalai Lama
5. Repair the house my mother grew up in (kind of a personal goal)
6. Spend the Day with Ron Paul
7. Have sex in Space
8. Travel the United States by train
9. See the end of AIDS and Cancer
10. Travel South America
1. An all nighter with my favorite Broke Straight Boys model.
2. Sky dive.
3. Visit Anarctica.
4. Spend a month in Prague.
5. Walk the Great Wall of China.
6. Swim with whales.
7. Loose weight, quit smoking, n get off all medications .

Probably more, but these would be a good start!
1) Find my soulmate
2) Have some "fun" with a Broke Straight Boys that I have in mind from Broke Straight Boys 1
3) Travel around the world on the Queen Mary or Elizabeth whichever is doing it
4) Read trashy gay novels instead of the manuals from work
5) Find and decorate my own place just like I want it to be
6) Get a true blood male Corgi
7) Get the car I have always wanted instead of the one I needed
8) Fix my funds so that I won't have to worry in retirement
9) Haven't had a drink in close to 25 years and want a martini the day I retire
10) Find some type of excercise like walking my Corgi each day.
Mine are kind of lame, but they're personal to me.
1. Get my book published.
2. Milk a cow.
3. Own my own horse/stables.
4. Own a boat.
5. Have my own little place by the sea.
6. Visit the Jack Daniels distillery.
7. Visit Dollywood
8. Learn to play golf.
9. Take up painting.
10. Dance the Charleston with the Queen (I'm English :) )
Those aren't lame at all Cosmic Thoughts. We are all on our own path in life...trying to follow our own idea of bliss. What a boring world it would be if we all sought after the same things. :wink: