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Slow or Fast?


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Nov 14, 2008
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Benicia, CA
In the lastest video Jimmy asked Connor whether he wanted to be fuck faster or slower. Connor answered slower. When Jimmy slowed down and began to fuck Connor at a much reduced pace, I began to see Connor in an entire different perspective - the guy was showing that he liked it! That farm-feed dude actually liked being fucked! His expression on that bed made me more aware on how beautiful his white body was laid out stretched before Jimmy's huge cock.

My preference is to fuck and be fucked at a fast and steady pace. I don't really like the slow, take-your-time, smell-the-rose way of fucking. I find it boring and distracting. I feel that what better way to show a person that I like him than to fuck him as many times as I possible can before we fall asleep from exhaustion. The Connor/Jimmy video has started to change my mind on this subject. What do you think? Do you think slower is better?
A girl's perspective: I like it slow and DEEP, being fucked vaginally, on my back, with him massaging my clit (this makes me squirt), as far as anal, I like it fast and shallow (there's no prostate to aim for)...when I start calling my husband "papi," he knows he is arousing the "natural lube" in me! Yeah sure, TMI, I know...but it feels sooo good! And did I mention toys?...YES...YES...YES!
Wow, now that's a whole different perspective that I can really get into! Wait a minute, I'm a guy! LOL Beth, you give a very good reason why Broke Straight Boys needs a woman's inside scope into sex and what turns people on. "Natural lube", I like that.
As a confirmed big 'ole bottom, here's what I like: during the lead up to climax, I like the top to vary his methods fast, hard, and deep and slow gentler and deep, and just the head going in and out of my anus to stimulate those nerve endings -beyond wonderful. Then as the top nears climax, whatever he needs to do to have the best climax for him whether it be fast and hard or soft and gentler is fine with me as long as it is deep and hits my prostate - that way I can achieve my anal orgasm as he is experiencing his penile one. I don't worry about my penile orgasm until after he is done, and depending on how hard and/or sensitive his dick is, he keeps it in and continues to fuck my prostate as I jack off. Or if he can't do that then he digitally rubs my prostate until I cum. And depending on the top and our relationship we are either kissing during this time or he keeps telling me to give it up to him in a commanding voice.

Guess it depends who you are with, and what is your goal.

If it's a quickie, then hard and fast is okay. But, if you want to make love as you are fucking, then slower is better. Time to reach around or over and kiss and be all intimate.
And then there is times when you just want it both ways.