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Slimvintage......... here's one for you


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Apr 13, 2009
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Sunny Australia.
Slim here's one to adopt

Double click on pic

Slim here's one to adopt

Double click on pic

Kodie, you and I would get on well. I've been sending that condom ad around to people who needed to see it, or who would just get a big ole belly laugh out of it, for years now. You are just amazing with your archive of gifs and vids for all occasions. I just wrote about applied creativity on another thread. You definitely are that in your application of these bits of electronic amusement to specific situations. I love this ad. I love clever advertising in general. This is my all time favorite. Thanks for reminding me about tantrums.

Off topic, but the Bulgarian girl singing Ken Lee is amazing...do you have that one?
No i dont think i do .....but i have so many... i could have it... but wouldnt know lol

OKKKKKKK i didnt have it but i looked it up on google........... lmao thats unbeliverable
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They deleted that oneeeeeeeeeeeeee....... you have got to be joking they should be bitch slaped.

I will replace
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