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Shawn & Brian


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Feb 25, 2009
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New England
It is so good to see Shawn back in the fold. He is one very cool young man and is just so hot. His personality brings so much to a scene and his other attributes are top notch...good looking, great body, awesome cock and he provides a workout that is just wonderful to watch. Brian is a cutie. Like Shawn, a great body and cock and both are so willing to do whatever is asked. Although Shawn gets a 10 from me, I think Brian has great potential. Thanks David for bringing Shawn back and for pairing him with the newbie. I gave the scene a 5.
Shawn the "gorilla"

OK, I had forgotton about Shawn just before he busts. :masterbate: I was right there with David - I couldn't stop laughing. It's a good thing it's so big or he'd yank it right off! Dunno who was taking pics in the background, but it sounded like he was laughing too. I'm just glad that Shawn gets the joke. Brian looked like he didn't know what to do. :001_unsure:
I remember Shawn in his earlier days as having unique facial expressions like he was confused or didn't understand what was happening. Obviously he is much more polished and relaxed in front of the camera. His jerk off was hilarious! The sweat, sounds and 2 handed technique omg. He was beating his meat like it owed him money...
In the end a hot vid, but....wouldn't this have been the perfect opportunity for a 69 scene? Both guys were into it....since oral scenes are always a bit tame (with notable exceptions, of course), spice them up with variety. For example, when both were hard, stand them up face to face, put their cocks together and let them pull away! I thought they were going to get each other off until David proposed the $100 contest, then they got into the lub, and then it was everyman for himself. But Shawn is a scene unto himself, so that turned out to be cool. I love Brian and wait anxiously and excitedly for his next time.
Shawn was fantastic for the reasons given above. Gave the video a 4 due to Brian who was a bit too nelly in the first part of the video. Thanks Dave for striping them at the get-go. Brian came across as much more likable at the end.
A perfect pairing

This is a good pairing . . . frankly, I didn't realize how thick Shawn's cock is until I saw the stills today. And a truly precious butt also. But Brian is no slouch in the looks-N-equipment deapartment either. We can see great things over time. I think you know where his needs to go David, and no one can bring it better than you. What a combination! Near gay and almost straight! Sign 'em up Scotty!! :w00t: :w00t:
I just really enjoyed these two very nice young men. This has already been mentioned, both of them were accommodating to each other as well as to David. What else can be said about the “Beat off King of the Jungle” Shawn? I would enjoy taking them both to Disney World! :w00t:
Love everything that Shawn is in - he's a horny guy. Brian is also a hot sexy guy so the two of them together is a wonderful combination. My only regret is that they didn't wank each other off to a climax - I always find that really hot.
Nice scene - gave it a 4 (like to have given it 4.5). But, like the Brian/Brady scene, something missing in this one too. Loved Brian's solo so much (smile,body,cock,smile, passion,honest ecstasy at orgasm,and, did I mention smile?) that I had great (perhaps too much) anticipation for duos. Felt let down, something missing, tho Brian/Shawn scene flirted with it. Love to see Brian with Mike and/or Anthony (I've said it before). The most recent Mike/Anthony scene got a 5 from me, and would love to have given 4.8 to the Mike/Anthony/Steve scene. Please - pretty please - put Brian with Mike and/or Anthony - or tell me why if for some reason it can't happen.
Shawn: Gorilla in the Mist

I have always loved Shawn since I first viewed him on x-tube prior to becoming a Broke Straight Boys member. I am so grateful his personal sense of humor allowed him to see the humor in this scene, even if unintended. He has a sizable cock and this presents him with more jo options than us mere mortals. Many less endowed among us would love to do a two-handed jerk-off if we only could. Without Shawn's positive sense of himself, he could have taken it that the laughs were at his expense. The last thing I want to see is his feelings being hurt. I want to thank David for clarifying just exactly what the staff found so funny about his beating off scene.

This prompted me to research as many older videos of Shawn on Broke Straight Boys and College Boy Physicals and, true to form he has always seemed his pattern to build up alot of steam prior to ejaculating. I think it adds to his appeal and for sure you know he is not going to leave you high and dry. Some might call it a form of passion.

I am so pleased he has returned to Broke Straight Boys with his many charms and attributes intact. Welcome back Shawn! :ohmy::biggrin::blushing: I feel like an old friend has returned home!
Love everything that Shawn is in - he's a horny guy. Brian is also a hot sexy guy so the two of them together is a wonderful combination. My only regret is that they didn't wank each other off to a climax - I always find that really hot.
Have to agree with u - 2 horny, sexy guys, luv-em. It's always such a greater turn-on when each guy is brought to orgasm by the other.
DAMN! I'm glad I don't owe Shawn any money! I wouldn't want him yanking on my cock like that! I think he must have needed some other type of stimulation to get off. That's just not normal.....at least I have NEVER seen anyone abuse his cock like that before! Shouldn't stroking your cock after sucking another guy be pleasurable......something you ENJOY..? WHEW!