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Shane shows a Great Show


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Nov 30, 2009
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Shane bottomed for the first time today, and W O W what a show. Shane proved what a great model he is. He took Leo, a very well endowed guy like the pro he is. Even after his first time bottoming he gave us a great cum shot.:001_smile::001_smile::001_smile:
I have always liked Shane, and now I even like him better.

Thank you Shane,
Love the tongue ring.
That was a fantastic vid!!! Shane did great. This kind of vid is exactly what this site is all about. the premise of the straight guy who has never had gay sex before and going in front of the cameras to do it for the first time. I dare anyone to say that Shane was acting and had experience with bottoming before.

This was one of the most realistic scenes I've seen so far of a straight guy bottoming for the first time. Kudos to Shane for agreeing to do this for our viewing pleasure. I hope he was able to put the money to good use. He took it like a real trooper with all the pain and discomfort. I'm sure Shane was wishing that his first time was with soemone who was smaller. lol

Great job Shane!! Lee looked very good also. I loved the look and size of Lee's dick when he came. I was all but ready to write Shane off. Now I can't wait to see more of him. Thank you David! And thanks for letting us know that there is more of Shane and Lee in the can.

Seeing Shane bottom is just about a dream come true for me. I gave it a 5. That was a very easy decision. This scene may not settle up to the highest of ratings, but it most embodies everything that this site is all about.
I agree, it was very hot and not a thing about it was camp or unrealistic. I like Lee alot too and would love to see him give some oral soon!
Lee is one very hot addition. Shane seems to do better each time in front of the camera. His personality emerges a bit more with each shoot. Shane's first time seemed about as realistic as it gets. But, it looked like, in the end, he was enjoying himself. I can't wait to see the Lee and Damien episode and hopefully more of Lee with Shane and others. He's a rugged guy with a great body and cock.
Thanks Tampa24

Hey Tampa 24,
I never know what to write in ,"Forums." Thank you for completely telling the story of Shane's firt time on the bottom. I totally agree with all you said!
Shane proved how great a model he is:001_smile:
Authentic, realistic and nostalgic. This is truly two straight guys doing it for the first time, that is to say, someone's straight virgin ass got busted. No kissing, no tender moments, none of that gay stuff - just good old fashion man stuff. There was no faking the pain; Lee's face glowed as he thrust his man-tool into Shane eliciting grunts of pain - you can see it in Shane's facial expression. Shane's dick never got hard while Lee's dick was drilling him. It was only after Lee pulled out that Shane breathe a breath of relief and his dick started to harden. This episode was the real McCoy! Reminded me of my first time being fucked.
It was very hot to see Shane bottom for the first time. He didn't seem to enjoy it much. I have to admit I didn't either the first time. The true test will be to see if he ever agrees to do it again! As for Lee. He's hot there's no doubt about that. But, what good is he if he won't give head? I thought the idea of this site is to get straight guys to do things they had never considered before. Shane impressed us with his first time anal. It's time for Lee to have a "first time" as well. As far as I'm concerned, until Lee decides to suck cock he may as well go away. I'm only rating this video a 3. If I could rate for each guy Shane would get a 5 and Lee a 2. Prima donnas bother me.
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