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Shane - Revisited


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Oct 24, 2008
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Brooklyn New York
In anticipation of the "release" of Shane & Alex, I went back to view Shane again. I think I like him even better on a second viewing. I understand that we all have our "type", but tall thin but toned young straight guys are my thing. I love his attitude, his smirk and confident attitude while answering Dave's questions. He looks good in the crooked hat that Dave had him put back on after removing his shirt. I am not a fan of heavily tattooed guys, but Shane has the right amount to be sexy but not overdone.

I like the bands on his wrist, so typical of guys his age. And his upper body is so smooth, save for the wispy blond hair in his armpits and the treasure trail leading to his magnificent cock. I even like his dopey looking stoned eyes.

He is adamant about being straight and only allowing a guy to suck his cock. Incidentally, he said that his friend Alex had told him about Broke Straight Boys as a way to make money, and that Alex had all ready done work for the studio. So again, these were shown out of order of filming. But I get the feeling that Alex will be sucking Shane, but we will see soon.

As you can tell, I am smitten with young straight Shane.:thumbup:

I hear you, Mike! Shane was :cool: during the interview with David. I really do like Alex. This should be a good vid. I'm hoping they at least jerk each other, and if Alex sucks Shane, great. I'm hoping David pays them enough so they BOTH give head! Yeah, I know. I want it all!! :thumbup: