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Santos and Dr. F


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Nov 30, 2009
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W O W What a cute guy. I would love to see more of him. Great cock, and a hot body. I hope he will be on Broke Straight Boys too. Looking foward to his next Dr's visit!:thumbup::thumbup:
Santos is very hot, and I agree about his sexy deep masculine voice. I have known at least two guys who at his age, had similar voice qualities and also had similar bodies. I can only imagine if they were similar to Santos, all over.

Very entertaining episode. :thumbup:
I was pleasantly surprised by this model. I'm not into "voices" but Santos has a deep sexy voice, it almost doesn't match the physical appearance not trying to be stereotypical here but I do want to see more. He has a great smile, nice body and 7 1/2 inches as we found out lol. Can't wait to see his followup visit!!!