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San Diego Pride July 16-17


BluMedia Staff
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Sep 6, 2009
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If you have never been to this beautiful city then this is the best time to go. Join us in San Diego this year for a great time. Last year we got to see Eve. What a treat.
Looking forward to it. One of our favorite events.
two weeks to go. i can hardly wait.
have a great fourth of july.
It is almost here. I will have Rob Ryder and Cole Gartner with me for this event. We will be sharing our booth with QVegas and Benjamin Bradley. It should prove to be a fun weekend.
I'm kinda bummed I'm not coming to this one since you have Benjamin Bradley there. :((
He's a porn star! He was featured in one of the BTS recently, I believe Sha and him are friends. But I have been a member of www.romanandbenjamin.com since it launched. Love those two. Kinda bummed, but I will be having surgery this weekend so I can't go. :(((
Ms. K...SORRY BOUT THIS, BUT......I gotta temporarily take ur gay license, at least viewing privedges away for 10 minutes, whilst you google him!!! LOL

You can't take my gay license.......I don't have one.:001_huh:

I suppose you can take my straight license.............:ohmy:
even when they are suffering jet lag, the guys are hot to look at.
thanks for making my pride even more fun.
if the guys come to a town near you, go see them. it will be worth the trip.