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Rocco and Brody


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Feb 17, 2010
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The best thing about this scene was, of course, Rocco. With his sly smile and wry sense of humor he turned Brody every which way but loose. He had a good time playing against Brody's ever present bad attitude.
It wasn't a great scene. Brody nixes any chemistry that might occur between him and the other guys. He has made it clear that he hates doing gay porn. He's not getting any better at it. I think it's time he takes one of those $10 an hour jobs. He can then avoid cocks of any kind.
Kudos to Rocco for at least making the scene interesting. He has a bit of the devil in him!!! Love it.
Sorry guys... this just was ok... I liked Brody better than Rocco. Just saying.
I wouldn't say that I worship Rocco. I like him, but not really more so than others. However, I really can't stand Brody. Don't care how cute he is. I just don't like his personality.