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RIP Patrick Swayze

It's very sad. Dirty Dancing will always be a classic. As will Ghost to some extent. Both great movies of different genres. In my memories he will always be a hunk. He still had so much talent to share with the world. It's a shame he was cut down in that way.
One of my favorite quotes from Swayze was when promoting To Wong Fu and how his mother was disappointed to hear he'd be playing a drag queen. Turned out tho' that momma was worried that he'd be making fun of the group, not that she minded her huper-masculine playing parts like that!
He was a brillant dancer but I wish they could quit saying how masculine he was As though you cannot be graceful and masculine at the same time HOMOPHOBIA ONCE AGAIN
He modeled for us how not to let tragedy hinder our lives. He worked on until he couldn't and did not let his illness get him down. Courgeous and brave!