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RIDGE is the hottest BSB EVER!!!

I have no idea how you guys remember all these guys names. I always have to go on a major hunt to figure out who you're talking 'bout. Anyway, just to be a help...
"RIDGE & JOSH, Sept 19, 2009."
released the day after my birthday, which means its gotta be good!
He'ss really hot, but he'd been around the block, so to speak, before he ever reached Broke Straight Boys's. In the episode refered to above, he admits being "gay for pay". Which means he's been on other sites. He also easily managed to cum with a dick up his ass which tends to eventually lead to a reevaluation of one's sexual proclivities. He'll be a very hot out GAY man someday!
I'm so glad to see that Ridge is still remembered. I loved watching him work and felt awful over some of the unkind comments he received. Hopefully this will bolster his self image and perhaps, just perhaps, he might consider a retun visit. We Ridge fans can only hope.
I just revisited the Episodes with Josh and Ridge. Some of the best ever. Nu is still my all time favorite but Josh and handsome Ridge are right up there. Will we ever see Josh or Ridge again on Broke Straight Boys? I am thrilled that Nu has reappeared and is more casual about his sexual identity.