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rex and sean


Mar 8, 2009
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rex and sean appear on Broke Straight Boys and yes they seem to be straight so my question is , will they be coming abord in the new site, These guys are hot, sean , this guy looks straight and it was hot in seeing him get fuck, and rex also , it was hot in seeing him getting fuck, does anyone agree with me or disagree would love to hear any comments:wink:
what happen to tyler on broke straight guy

i always had a thing for this model, he is hot as hell, so what is he doing know, does anyone knows , :wink:
the new site

so much jerking off , talking, let see some action, would like to see anal sex or am i the only one out there, . Hopefully the models you have all bottom, and one question, i know there are some asian guys out there that are straight would love to see asian guy on this site :wink:

i am looking for a spanking site, man on man spanking, does anyone know of any on line, :wink::001_rolleyes:
Rumor has it that Rex is in the middle of sexual reassignment and hormone therapy. I wouldn't bet on him being straight.

Tyler has gone with David onto new adventures as a businessman.

Don't count on any of the old models coming back.

Why do I feel like I just kicked a puppy?