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Rex and Mick on Bait Buddies.com


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May 2, 2011
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atlanta, georgia
Rex and Mick can be found on Bait Buddies.com. Rex gets fucked by a guy with a 10 inch cock. Mick tries to fuck a guy but is unable to do it because he can't keep a hardon. He says it isn't his thing ( the fucking).
I saw Lane on another site too about 2 years ago. He had the same problem there as he did here. Namely that he couldn't get or keep an erection. Very strange that he chose to get into porn with an issue like that. His Broke Straight Boys scenes were not very good for reasons already given. And he did have a rather scary onscreen persona.
Good News! If someone like Lane can make money on these porn sites with erection problems, then there's hope for the rest of us to go on these same sites and make a career of it. Just look mean and nasty!
Mike (Anthony's cousin) , was always passed off on here as an amateur and he's on at least 3 or 4 different sites......I think it's time we define what amateur and broke really mean, b/c it seems like all of the sites recycle the same guys over and over......it can't be that hard to find gay4payers out there.....Mick and Rex were on Baitbuddies long before they were on Broke Straight Boys