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Reed is a keeper!


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Nov 30, 2009
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Just watched Reed's video. Cute guy with a nice cock. Would really like to see him in action scenes.:thumbup::thumbup:
Reed needs a tan:thumbup1:
Just watched Reed's video. Cute guy with a nice cock. Would really like to see him in action scenes. Reed needs a tan:thumbup1:

I agree, he is cute and has a nice cock with a huge head on it! However I think he looks good as a pasty white boy. LOL
I agree that he's cute. I also like his beautiful pale skin. It's so much sexier than the farmer's tans we see here so often.
That Reed is cute straight boy, naturally sexy & hot! He seems to take direction pretty well. Definitely want to see more of him. I'd love to see his reaction while getting his dick sucked and ass eaten out.
Very cute, I thought he had a huge head also maybe a little bigger then 7 1/2. Would love to see him with another pasty white model.
That was a very sexy video. Although Reed is not my ideal handsome model type, he is a good looking young guy with a fine smooth body and a very nice cock. And I love the fantasy of picking up a straight 22 year old stock boy at the bus stop in front of Walmart, and bringing him back, to strip naked, and jerk off.

I also liked his reaction to Clay's question at the end if he would allow another dude to suck his cock for more money. His reluctance sure keeps up with the straight boy fantasy. I hope he agrees and we get to see him enjoy a great blowjob by another guy.

Overall, an excellent solo feature.
I think Reed has great potential. Hope to see him back soon.
I like Reed. He seems to be a nice guy. Looks older than his age. Nice cock and low-hanging balls. Very good cum shot. Hope to see him back and in action with other models.

Yes I have to agree with all he is a keeper but yes a bit pasty but hell he is a white boy he could stand a tanning session or two or three but do bring him back love to see him do more:thumbup1::drool::bananahump-slvrathl
Speaking of tans... I have always thought this was filmed in Fl. But the only guy with a tan is Brody.... hmmmmm? And why don't we see any surfer dudes? I just got back from Fl. and I picked up three different surfers on the beach in one week. I know their out there....
Reed's a keeper

Bring him back! Bring him back! Bring him back!:thumbup:
Yup he's ok but hard to tell until we see him interact with others. As for pale guy hey thats him pair him off with a darrker guy. Like to see him suck and get fucked before he does it to others. Then we can decide which is hotter for him as a bottom or top.