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RE:Auto Bang Studs

Is there ever going to be any new updates on "Auto Bang Studs"?????

Who or what are the "Auto Bang Studs." I can't seem to figure out if they are a group into gang bangs, or a group that self sucks and then bangs.:thumbup1: I would love to know.:001_unsure:
Thanks Mark I hope they put out some new vids I love sex in moving cars. Done it a few times but these guys are hot doing it in broad daylight.
You can find Auto Bang Studs on HSBoys. This is a feed I lease and have no control over. I was pretty excited to add it but there hasn't been a single update yet. I will contact them and see if I can push them to start some updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Ok, now I remember seeing it. I think I forgot about it for a while. Austin was in one of those episodes I think.:001_rolleyes: Thanks Mark. I think I forgot about it because of the days when the only place to have sex aws my little Subaru. It was fun, but you had to be quite the contortionist.:wink:

You are awesome as ususal.
I was very excited when this feed first came out... Would definitely love to see more! :biggrin: