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pairing the boys


Dec 3, 2008
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I have viewed about all the videos on Broke Straight Boys and BFT this week. My favorites are Alan (Cornell student), Nelson, Jarrett, Anthony, and Fabian from BFT. Pair those guys up any way you want. Alan is great at acting straight, too good at his acting, to the point that he looks disgusted. Tell him to loosen up just a little. I would like to see Nelson as a top. Does Jarrett ever bottom? I would like to see more episodes where guys jack off each other all the way to orgasm and suck each other to the orgasm. I would like to see more scenes of cum shooting into the mouth. Nelson was great at licking the cum off of the other guys dick. I don't know where you found Fabian but he is super, super hot. Keep him coming back. What is his ancestry? he has beautiful bronze skin and a very pretty face and gorgeous hair!

I think that you should have the new boy jason and tyler fuck. I want tyler to be fucked. that new boy jason has to be one of the hottest guys i've seen on here EVER!!!!! Jason should be top and then tyler!! :biggrin: later