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Our boys turn me on the most when.....


Oct 22, 2008
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Near London, England
Hi guys,

So i've been a member for quite some time now. I thought I'd list out the things I love most about our boys and what things turn me on the most.

Anyone else agree? Maybe we can get more of these things......

So, our boys turn me on the most when......

1. They kiss. Full kissing, with tongues. I like it when the str8 guys need a little convincing to do it but then really go for it. Instant hard-on here!

2. They sneak a peek at each other while they're jerking off. Every guy is curious and i just love it when they can't help but take a sneaky peek at the guy next to them.

3. They have tats and piercings. Yum yum yum

4. They smile at the camera. Now I reckon I'm Landon's biggest fan and as soon as he takes his pants off I'm rock hard, I reckon if he smiled more I'd shoot before even touched himself. Can we get Landon back and get him to smile a bit more for little old me?

5. They go bareback. I've only seen one (Eric and Ross I think it was). Are there any more? Something about rubbers that makes my rock-hard cock lose its rigidness. Hey kids, I'm not saying you should have unsafe sex by the way, it's just my preference.

6. They shoot on someone's face. Again, yum yum yum.

7. Members get to go on film, i.e. Hayden. Hayden it just adorable. I love his smile. Can he get a solo sometime please?

8. They do a JO contest. I think i've only seen one on here so far. To see who can shoot the farthest. My ideal line-up would be Mike, Landon, Ashton and Max (mmmm that's a nice thought for my spank-bank later).

All aboard, say Aye!!!!

Thanks for listening guys.
I agree one hundred percent, especially re Landon. He could lick me for days.

Also, wondering if these "straight boys" ever cum in the others mouths when doing all this wonderful cocksucking. I couldn't last a minute with a hunk like some of these guys touching me.

Perhaps I am just, after all, a dirty old man, but love it.....