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Nu and Deisel

Great pair

I would love to see those two together! Especially Nu giving one of his signature blow jobs and taking Big D's cum in his mouth as he has done before
I think Shane is the master chemist, I'll bet he could start sparks flying out of a dead doornail if he started kissing it!

How do we request Nu and deisel? Shane is just the hottest, sweetest guy.

I'll testify to that. Excuse me while I insert myself into this conversation. I was in the other room watching America's Next Top.... Bottom, and I heard someone mention a certain name of a certain model. I'm not one to talk out of turn, but I could watch me some Shane from morning til midnight and still be beggin' for more.

That boy is a stunner, head turner, 100% USDA certified hunka hunka burnin' love. In one of the scenes, he even does a little dancing for a second or two. I was like Damn! That Sizzles! I could picture Shane and PRAISE at the club on the dance floor together. I'd back it up, flip it, and reverse it. Shit, if you don't know, your ass better ask somebody.

Fresh Face, Fresh Voice.... That boy PRAISE!

You are so eloquent!

Ha! I think you're talking to me, so I will respond, but if you are actually talking to someone else, I apologize for being presumpuous.

lamen4men, I have always had a way with words, but for so many years I had low self-esteem, and so I just sat in the back of the room with my mouth shut. I guess now that I am a little older, I no longer fear the opinions of others as much as I used to.

I have more boldness, more strength, and courage. I'm okay with the fact that not everyone is going to love me - no matter how I present myself.

Fresh Face, Fresh Voice... that boy PRAISE!
Praise -- I enjoyed what you had to say. I love looking at these young, hot guys, but I am so glad I am a grown up.
I am a gay man -- I know that almost all gay men I know had terrible self-esteem stuff :-(