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No more Ben, LOTS more Kevin!!


Jun 29, 2009
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Orlando, FL
Just watched the Ben and Kevin video - LOVE Kevin, he's masculine, good looking and seems to have a great attitude. Ben on the otherhand is a whiny little bitch that just does nothing for me. I know David is helping Ben (and his mother) out by paying him to do these videos but I think he's done his good deeds for the year. Cut Ben loose, and keep bringing Kevin back... PLEASE.

Hope everyone is having a great St. Patty's day!
I agree that Kevin is a hottie and should be featured in the new HD vids. But, I also like Ben. He is quiet,kind of shy, has a great smile and seems like a really nice guy. I'm not sure, based on his response in this latest vid, that he will be back for an anal scene. But, perhaps he can be matched up with others for more oral and jo scenes. I'd hate to have seen the last of him.
Liked this scene gave it a 5. Ben seemed a lot more into it than his first. IMHO, Dave, you missed a bet by not having Kevin suck Ken's balls.
Kevin is an undiscovered treasure! I'm sure the Ben/Kevin thing is old hat, but Kevin has a nice tight little body and I'd really enjoy seeing more of him. Do bring him back with another partner.
why do you think Ben should be the bottom? Id like to see Kevin bottom more and anal too maybe 69 for the 2 of them.
I would break them up and pair them with someone else with more vigor and gusto. Kevin is more in league with Jimmy or Austin. I think Kevin is ready for more adventurous fare. Ben is a work in progress. I suggest that Ryan be resurrected and coupled with Ben. He'll know how to bring him about and draw out that hidden jewel out of Ben.
I must say that I like Kevin alot. He epitomizes the Broke Straight Boys ideal that the site promotes. That of the straight young guy who is willing to do just about anything that he considers within reason in order to come on to a gay site and make some quick cash.

I liked the way he carried himself in admitting that he had to take the bus to get there because he needed money to buy a car. And that he'd be willing to do just about anything David asked in order to get the car paid for. I thought it was very polite and sweet of him to thank David for calling him in that day to do the shoot. He was so appreciative to be able to make some quick cash. I take it that another model had done a no show on David and therefore David used him as a stand in. Purely speculation on my part...

That part of the scene reminded me of how appreciative Jordan was to be able to make $200 for a solo interview gig just dropping by David's office. To Jordan it was like Christmas in July. LOL I like it when we can see a nice young kid come in and be happy to make some money. And be very upfront, polite and adult-like in agreeing to do whatever it takes. Instead of the ones who want to whine and complain about doing "fag shit" the whole time.

Although as Paris has said it is fun sometimes to watch the ones who bitch and moan about not wanting to do fag shit do fag shit. I'm just saying that Kevin's rather cheerful, nonchalant and professional attitude towards the whole process was a refreshing change.

I hope this isn't the last we see of him. Though I would also not want to see the site get bogged down with 10-15 models who never go away. Nor do I want new talent to be pushed aside or held back because of so many requests for veteran models of the site.