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Nice work


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May 12, 2011
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This is my first posting on this site but I've subscribed off and on for quite some time. I just wanted to say hi and tell you what a great job you guys are doing. I really REALLY enjoy the College Boy Physicals site most of all as well. In my eyes, this site sometimes takes a backseat to some of the scenes that are played out on the other site...they are hot!!!!
Hello ANewOne, and welcome to the forums :) Glad you enjoy the websites.

Welcome to the forum ANewOne..hope you enjoy it here. It can be pretty active at times and it's really interesting to read the differing opinions.
Welcome, ANewOne,

Hope you enjoy the forum as much as some of us do. It is a great place to express your self and see what others think of things. Sometimes we get a little full of ourselves and that sometimes leads to great discussions. Every now and then, the discussions become kinda heated up, but hey, its all meant in fun. You will find that people get to know each other and some end up being really good friends. On my last birthday, I came on here and found all these wonderful birthday wishes from many of the forumites, and that really touched me, as I am not used to being remembered like that.
Be sure you go to the thread, "10 random facts about me" and tell us about yourself, and read about us. There is so much more to this site than just watching a porn vid.
Happy viewing! and Happy reading!

Hi ANewOne,

Feel free to share your first impressions here. Join the club, lot's of nice people here that want to know your opinions. (Not a least the models) :001_smile: