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nice videos coming out soon


Oct 25, 2009
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I was checking out the episodes coming soon...Wow! cant wait to see more of Preston, Zakk, and Kyler. That Alec guy might be a really good shoot as well.

I still want more Tyler Episodes..( you know you got them in your files and I think you should bring some of them out)...I'm serious....I'm not playing around with you people anymore...I will go on a hunger strike...and then I will starve myself to death and while all of you are poking fun at the sight of my rotting corpse....

I want Tyler episodes...I mean it...you'll never see me again....I'll be out of here....I aint kidding around this time...I will go postal.....

Whose dick do you gotta suck to get some attention in here...yeah you....just whip it out...I just looked at the home page and you haven't loaded up any Tyler videos yet....You think I'm playing...I'm not..don't make me slap you with my dick........wheres the damn Tyler videos!

I'm mad now. you done did it for sure.

(checks back at the home page for more tyler Video's)

you people make me sick.....

(to be continued)

(I'm not the only ghost in here...someone keeps moving my posts)

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LMAO now thats funny. LOL :w00t::thumbup:
Everyone watch out now....Casper in posting on the forum and not in a happy place. 'Don't make me angry...you won't like me when I'm angry!' (to steal from Dr. David Banner....)
I'm not too overly concern about a Casper attack.

I'll just energize my shields to maximum, arm PHASERS and TORPODES contact Admirals Jayman, Tampa and Tuscon and well to borrow a phrase:


However, I do kind of side with David. I think Casper is just -

Shooting off or

popping off or

blowing off.

Just take your pick.

Live Long and Prosper (with Phasers locked on target, if needed)

shooting off....
popping off....
blowing off....

When I figure out what that means .....
shooting off....
popping off....
blowing off....

When I figure out what that means .....

I think you're a cute, emotional young guy who's kinda knocked out by the tears and concern all us forumites have lavished on you. The attention you've been getting caused an understandable euphoria in you hun, that triggered the OTT Tyler post. Like a kid secure in the knowledge that he's loved by the people around him, showing off a bit. I really liked that post btw, it was a great rant.