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New member Declyn says, "hey" and adds 10 Random Facts too!


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Aug 2, 2013
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The Great Pacific Northwest
Dear Forum,

Hiya. I’m Declyn, joined up just a few weeks ago after the free BTS clips on YouTube got me interested. Here's how this went down. Watching all those features (Lucas, Graham, NYC Pride 2012, Straight Talk, etc) made me nostalgic for the year I spent as a fraternity’s cook.

The boys in that frat were nearly all science majors – engineering, pre-med, physics – and it became a rite of passage; a test of their manhood, to donate bone marrow to the university’s research lab. The boys would scaremonger new pledges about how much it was going to hurt, taunt and hound those who hadn’t done it yet, and offer up high fives and beers to the guys who’d just returned from making donations.

Somehow, I see that exact same energy when I’m watching behind-the-scenes on Broke Straight Boys and it really amuses me.

Besides all the BTS clips, I’ve found I really like the porn here too! I am not a huge consumer of porn. I’ve bought clips from kink.com and I really like watching free features on woodrocket's website. But Broke Straight Boys is my first subscription.

The models here are, quite frankly, too young for me in real life. I appreciate their beauty and energy but don’t really lust after any of them specifically, thinking "ooh, what's I'd do with (insert hottie name here). Never fancied any of my frat boys, come to think of it.

Watching Broke Straight Boys scenes is more of a “what if…” scenario for me; something that gets my imagination purring: what if I were younger/braver/hotter…and oh yeah, a dude… That part would probably be important. Would I, could I apply to the site????

Anyway, let’s see if I can ten-random-facts-ya before I hit the hay,

1. This’ll age me but it’s too cool not to brag about. I went to college in Olympia, Washington. The band we all hired to play our house parties; the band we could book for a couple hundred bucks and beer? Nirvana.​

2. I know FIVE people who have appeared on reality TV shows.

3. I’ve had an extra part time job for nearly all of my adulthood. This funds my travelling addiction. England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Vienna, Italy, France, Jamaica, Mexico, Canada and all over the US of A with multiple trips to Vegas, San Francisco and NYC. Always with my trusty green backpack.

4. I love cats. Only have six now. Once I move out of this studio apartment I’ll adopt a few more.*

5. I have several YouTube channels under different names. Some original content but mostly just rare old TV clips. One ended up linked to by Time.com, MSNBC and the NY Times and quite a few other media outlets. It received over 250K views and helped topple a Tea Party candidate who was seeking office. I didn’t really upload it for that reason but I can’t say I was unhappy with this result!

6. My dining out dollars are spent exclusively at locally-owned, mom ‘n’ pop type eateries and if mom and pop hail from the old country, all the better. LOVE ethnic foods from all regions but if I could only have one kind for the rest of my days, it would have to be Vietnamese.

7. I watch British television almost exclusively. Right now the only US TV show I watch is Dexter and I only got into the show this year. Michael C. Hall in the van!!!!

8. I am a very non-jealous person and I love to share – friends, food, good books, information, expertise; you name it. If I like you even a little bit I will burn a DVD for you if there’s something in my collection I know you’d like.

9. I’m immensely loyal and I’m an expert secret keeper.

10. Although I’m loving the big-personality boys on this site – Paul, JASON, Denver – there’s something so haunting about Daniel…he reminds me of my dearest friend who was a boy that the world lost far too early. My friend had a set of Daniel’s wide-eyed, puppy dog peepers, except in hazel instead of blue. In an alternate universe, my friend is just now coming of age and I will soon be sending him a link to apply for Blumedia.

* Okay, I don’t really have six cats. I have two. And I have a fairly big one-bedroom condo with a little yard where they can sunbathe on fine afternoons, not a studio. Did I have any of you going for a second there? :1d6a4743:
I like everything you just said. I would love to know you better
wow, you have really lived....excellent!
The cat thing had me worried. I was going to suggest to all your personalities that each one does not have to have their own cat.haha
Like many of the guys here, I love to travel, but you have done far more than I. do you normally schedule trips or do you just take off?
What is your favorite season and why? I know, "answers only lead to more questions," life.
May I ask if you're a boy or girl? You don't have to answer and you qualify whatever you say, if you want...no judgment, just curious.
I also love British Tv and can't wait for another season of Downton Abbey.
You are so lucky to have seen Nirvana live; did they impress you? How many times did you see them?

As always, please tell me to "fuck off" if I have overstepped. Thank you very much and again, love having you here!
Welcome to the forum Declyn!


Like many of the guys here, I love to travel, but you have done far more than I. do you normally schedule trips or do you just take off?

Depends. I research and plan the big, expensive ones but a Vegas or San Francisco trip is something I can put together in a few days. I love to plan the specifics. I have about five people I travel (I do approx one solo trip for every two trips that I take with someone else) with and they all let me do every bit of the arrangements.

What is your favorite season and why? I know, "answers only lead to more questions," life.

Favorite season to travel? Shoulder season – April/May or Sept/Oct. Fewer crowds, cooler weather. If I’m just going to London, I love to go in mid-November when the decorations are up but the hoards of shoppers haven’t gotten crazy yet.

May I ask if you're a boy or girl?

A-ha, I did put this in my intro but I guess I was too cryptic. I’m a woman, single, about a Kinsey-scale 2, cis-gendered…uh…right-handed…

You are so lucky to have seen Nirvana live; did they impress you? How many times did you see them?

Once in college, once in Seattle as they were gaining momentum. Had a bf at the time who had a radio show about the local music scene so I was pretty in the know for a while.

Hey, that was fun. I see why the models like answering questions!
Welcome to the site my fellow PNWesterner. This is a great site to belong to. The bonus sites are awesome and our little family of formites you will learn to love as I have.
Hi newbie

:flaggen15:You are sure to enjoy this site. My dog and your cat would definitely not blend well, but I hope you find a feline type that getting you purring!:animal0019::animal0019: