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My video interview

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Oct 14, 2008
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Dallas TX
Hey guys,

Some of you wanted a video interview of me, so I started working on one. I'm almost at the "questioning" part so I need questions :) Could you please post anything you want to know about me here, so I can start working on it.

This is going to be a one and only video, there won't be a second one. I'm only doing it because some of you asked for it and I kinda like you lol so that's why I'm doing it. Also the video will only be posted here in the forums for the few of you who are interested in seeing it.

In the future, you should ask people like Sha... they hang out with models and are more interesting than me :)

I'm silly so expect this video to be very.... mmmmm..... idiotic :)
You're going to do a video? Not just an audio interview? That is so sweet of you Stephane. Thank you! We kinda like you too. Actually ALOT. haha

I'll be thinking of some questions for you. What time frame are you looking at? How long do we have to come up with questions?

And you can be as silly as you want. We did want to see the real you! :001_smile:


Your new avatar pic is turning me on. haha
lol it'll be a mix of videos and still pictures. I have a lot of work this week, so you have the week for the questions, and this week end, I'll start answering them. Video should be ready sometimes next week, depending on how busy I get.

Glad you like the avatar lol

PS: Here's a little preview :)


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Ooohhh! I like this avatar alot, Stephane! Thinking about a shave there are we? :001_smile:

Ok, first question. I'll be easy on you. Did the doves build a nest on your patio again this year? If they did, could you include a little vid of them, too? See? Nice and safe question to get you started. hehe

LOL! I like your preview!
I'm going to watch for sure. If you was not interesting then you would think that no one would be interested in you. Of course we are interested!!!!!!!!!! Only one thing, I ask that you be your self. Silly is ok with me and idiotic is not in your nature. Your new photo is the best one yet. I LOL every time I saw the last one. I am glad you changed it.
Hey Scorpio, I have a couple of questions for you. First, do you consider yourself gay, bi or straight? Second, if you answered gay, how did you feel when you first realized you were gay? If you answered bi, do you have a preference for men or women? If you answered straight, I'm going to my room and cry for awhile.
Hey, Larry! You are now a senior member! Congrats!

I'm with you on the avatars. That last one was guffaw inducing! :lol:
You like baby faced hoodlums with buff, smooth bodies covered in artistic ink. Would you rather be fucked by one of these pretty roughnecks, or fuck him?

Leading on from that, have you ever had sex with any of the models associated with Mark's empire?

Do you work full time for Blu, or do you freelance too?

Besides the corporate image of the sites and the internal IT support, do you help Blu with the direction that the sites take, their evolution, the mission statements?

Can we see your dick?
1. Please if you can discribe the "perfect" guy for you.

2. Of all the cities, "why Dallas".

3. What was it that made you go to work for "blu". I don't want to about the money. But what made you choose blu.
Ok, as Slim has opened the door.....

How tall are you?

How much do you weigh?

What size shoe do you wear?

How big is your boner?

Name a public location where you had some hot sex where you almost got caught.

Can we see your dick?
I think I like you too!!! I want to know if a guy was going to romance you, how would that go, what would he have to do, what would be involved. I also would really love to see your bare chest. Will you show us a picture of what your chest looks like?
What is your ultimate fantasy? (with details!)

Also I think an interview with Sha or one of the "touring" crew would be very interesting. They are all very intriguing people!
I have more questions for you.

Do you have a current boyfriend/husband?

Do you do three ways?

At what age did you lose your virginity?

Can we see your cock? (Thanks Slim for that one.)
Hey Scorpio,

Don't despair. lol I will try to bring the thread back up to questions that you might consider answering. Although nobody would object if you answered a few of the more salacious ones. haha

I've asked this one before but here goes...What is it about about American culture that you like so much compared to that of France?

Do you feel like you have found your own piece of the American Dream?

If not, what do you still hope to attain or accomplish?

Why did you choose Texas when you moved here?

You have said you like your cowboys. Do you like men with the hat, the boots and the whole outfit? What is your ideal American man? From appearance to more intimate details if you are willing to share them.

What are some of your hopes and dreams for the future?

Are you happy?

At what age did you come out? How did your family deal with it?

I hope you'll choose to answer some of these. Thanks Scorpio. xo
Sounds like the majority are hoping and praying that Stephane will spend the majority of his interview on the futon!!

Please come up with some more good questions for our Scorpio. :tongue_smilie: The clock is ticking. :ohmy:

Was it hard learning English? Were you already pretty fluent before you got here? If not, how long did it take you to become fluent?
Can you post some photos of you in France, before you emigrated? And photos of you with guys you've been friends with, to get more perspective on you? As long as they don't mind that is.

Where did you study graphic design and CAD/CAM? Do you do preliminary sketches and layouts by hand, or do you start out on the screen directly?

Is your studio messy or tidy?

It's notoriously hard to keep to a schedule if you work on your own at home. How good are you at that? What kind of tricks do you use to fool yourself into keeping up to date?

What makes you laugh? Do you have any favorite movies or series or programs that you think are really really funny?

What's your best physical feature?

Are you essentially a loner or do you like to have a significant other on the other side of the bed snoring?

Sexually, are you the hunter or the hunted?

Oh yeah, don't forget about the dick.
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