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Most users ever online was 1,098, Today at 07:51 AM


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Nov 1, 2010
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<table style="width: 524px; height: 78px;" class="tborder" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="1"><tbody><tr><td class="thead" colspan="2">We are overheating this forum... Crises, what Crises!

Currently Active Users: 1097 (175 members and 922 guests) </td></tr> </tbody> <tbody id="collapseobj_forumhome_activeusers" style=""><tr><td class="alt2"></td><td class="alt1" width="100%"> Most users ever online was 1,098, Today at 07:51 AM.

Why don't these 922 guests join in... You are most welcome!

Tonight the Broke Straight Boys forum record goes through the roof!

Currently Active Users: 1101 (174 members and 927 guests)
Most users ever online was 1,101, Today at 09:35 AM. (Amsterdam time)
that's 04:13 AM ET and friday 01:14 Pacific Standard Time.

Guess I'm not the only guy that's so horny this Christmas. But why do such few people post a message. One message wouldn't hurt; there are very funny people out there... you 927 guests!
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By the way Mark,

It would be to great use for foreigners like me -whom's spelling checker is their best friend-, if they had a little bit more editing time for a message.

If only those ample 5 minutes 'message editing time' were raised from 15 minutes till let's say infinity!
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