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Mmm Chad


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Apr 3, 2011
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I'm sorry.. I don't know what it is, but Chad is so hot to me. Please keep him around for a bit. I really truly think he's one of the hottest guys I've seen on the site.
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Yeah--what did it for me, the clincher, was taking the cum in his mouth, showing it to us (!), and, I believe, swallowing it. At least I want to think that. I think Chad is hot, too. Adorably hot, and I can't really put my finger on it either. The way he uses his eyes and his seeming willingness to try stuff has a lot to do with it.
I gotta agree, Chad is definitely a hottie! And what a great attitude! I'd lvoe to see him bottom for someone, I had thought with Anthony, but on second thought, perhaps better with Darren.
Why apologize for getting the hots for a Broke Straight Boys model? Chad is definitely a very hot model and I share your hots for him. I think Chad has a lot of potential to be a great model and I eagerly await many more scenes of him. I don't want to see him bottom yet. Save that for later. Just let him unfold himself on others.