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Mick and Jamie


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Nov 30, 2009
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Great job Mick and Jamie. Jamie took his first cock like a champ. Mick was the right person to be the top.
More scenes like this please
Thank you both for a great scene
OK, I'm a huge Mick fan, and since Jamie looks (not acts) like the unrequited love of my life I don't mind watching him at all. Jamie does have beautiful lips! I have to admit that my totally favorite part of this update was when they started kissing! Thank you, Clay, for having the camera on Mick's dick during this part! The twitching and dancing balls just absolutely made this update for me! :001_tt1::drool:
Mick was blessed with a virgin ass and he didn't plow that puppy mercilessly. He's such a nice guy - someone you would take home to mother - he gently let Jamie off with tenderness and kindness. Robbie (God rests his soul.) would have tore-up that ass and had Jamie whistling Dixie. Great scene I luv it!
Mick is an interesting character. One of those types who is a man of few words and just gets down to business with no complaints. I'm beginning to like him more and more each scene I see of him. Doesn't hurt that he has a great body. Loved to see him try to deep throat, and he was considerate in the fucking.
Jamie got what he deserved. He reacted like I would expect a straight guy to act, wishing he was somewhere else. But he took it like a man, and I loved that raspberry sound he made after the post fuck ass shot.
Guess it's Jimmy's turn next.
Jamie and Mick where awesome in this scene, the tenderness that Mick gave Jamie was so fine, Clay good job and great camera angels keep up your good work. a
mick is a gentle top. jamie's first time was with a gentleman. seeing the bottom cum doing the act is so hot.
bottoming can be habit forming. fuck you, in so many way, jamie.
jamie and mick own this scene. what troupers and jamie is a true trooper.
loving clay's camera work.
back at ya, jamie.
I have to agree with what was already said, I loved the kissing scene. Jamie is a great kisser, and even though he said, he disliked it, he really seems to get into each time I've seen him kiss. The rest of the scene was great. My hat off to Jamie for this shot. He was a champ and I enjoyed it. A true "virgin" no more.. Mick was gentle, but kept pushing. Great job!
Excellent scene. Liked it from start to finish. I'd love to see Mick in some snug bulging underwear.Good job guys..keep up the nice work.
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There is really not much I can add to the previous comments.

I was pleasantly surprised how Jamie took it like a trooper and complimenTs are due Mick for mAking it so easy for him.
Good scene all around! Jamie was a real professional. I'm glad you used Mick for his first time as Mick was so kind and gentle. The kissing was great and I like seeing Mick's dick do the happy bounce everytime their lips touched. This scene had it all. Thanks for all the work the whole team put into it.
Kissing, fucking, and a dick doing a happy dance during the kissing! Excellent scene, and for my money one of the best of BSB2.
Mick is hot!

Great scene. Mick is another still water that runs deep, like Mark. Both guys are interesting and sexy because of the "mystery" factor. They don't jabber like some models, so you don't know what their story or even real personality is like. Yet both have come on as very sexy and hot during their scenes.
Mick has a great body and perfect dick for a top. Not too long, but very fat. Drives the prostate wild!
Jamie did well in the scene and kept his comments to a minimum. He's not my favorite model but seems to be a nice kid.
Mick was a gentleman with Jamie, but I would have liked to see him drive it deep just as Jamie was getting ready to cum!
BSB2 continues to get better! :thumbup1:
Jamie put on a wonderful show for Jamie but the real scene stealer was the costar, Mick. He barely talked but exuded sex; could kiss as good as Jamie (who I'd bet a mortgage payment has kissed other men on multiple occassions in previous times because try tho he might to advise as to his "position on this subject" he was into it) and Mick was the consummate gentleman throughout. It is really apparent to me that young Master Jamie is doing what he has to in order to keep this job but I still want to know the real reason why.
Sorry for double dipping and will try never to do it again, but the "happy bounce" on Mick was sexy as anything I've seen on here this go around.....well there is the kissing.
For all you Mick Lovers

Check out the bonus site Amature Boys First Time, release date 9/12/2010, page 2. Production date is August 2010. The teaser picture shows Mick playing a guitar, sitting on a bed with a friend.

He definately looks better now, but this scene is worth watching if for no other reason, the great shots of Mick's beautiful bubble butt!

The scene reminded me of a simular scenario with a friend named Derek oh so many years ago when I was a teenager, discovering the joys of sex with a buddy in my bedroom. Trying hard not to make any noise so as not to alert my parents as to what was going on in there.

Ah, the memories. I wonder what ever happened to Derek.

But I digress, this weeks update with Jamie and Mick was very good. Mick did an awesome job as a top. Jamie took it like a man, I dare say this will not be the last time he takes a cock in the ass. I just wish we had a better view of the cumshots. Jamie's cumshot seemed to blend into the background.
Great job guys!
Sometimes I look at these Broke Straight Boys videos because one of the guys is really hot. This time I was intrigued tto see Mick, who I've seen on Amateur Guys and College Boys Physicals and was not disappointed. Thing is most of the guys on the new Broke Straight Boys have an attitude that I find grating, if not offensive. Jamie was no exception. Whoever said he took it "like a man" did not see what I saw. Jamie was acting like an immature teenager, taking every chance to say there was nothing good about being there except the money. On the old Broke Straight Boys the guys were likeable, even joked around. These new ones, not likeable at all, although some are very attractive. Honestly, if it weren't for the bonus sites, I'd probably have unsubscribed by now. Now I know some guys are turned on by the sleazy, expliotative turn these videos have taken, but I'm just saying, I'm not.
Hmm. I like both Mick and Jamie, but this scene was disappointing. I don't like to watch men fucking on their sides. It's not a very hot position. The kissing was nice, though. 3 stars.
Mick is becoming a real favorite!! Real hot guy. Glad it worked out for Jaimie...hope to see more like this!
Good job