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Memorable Live Events


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Jan 5, 2009
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Tell us about an event or events that you have been to that really stand out for you. Could be a concert, an anniversary of something, whatever.
I will start. I went to Woodstock in 1969, the centennial for the Statue of Liberty in 19??, and Op Sail in NYC in 1976.

Let's start with the centennial. I really had no plans of attending. I was at home watching the news reporting on the event that evening. And I just decided to go. Took the train from New Brunswick to Newark. New Jersey Transit provided free buses to Libery Island, where the event was held. Once I got there I discovered that there had been a lottery for the best seats for the event. This section was gated. I was told this by a State Tropper, who then just told me to go on it. So, with no planning on my part, I had a ringside seat right next to the Boston Pops. The show consisted of music and fireworks and it was awesome. After the show, I headed back to the area where the buses were parked that were to return us all to Newark. There were like 5 buses and tens of thousands of people headed for them. This turned out to be a long nite. I think Saigon was evacuated in a more orderly manner. At least no one was shooting at us. I got home at 4 am and watched the event on cable tv. It was then I realize how little tv can do for an event like this. It was not even close.
Woodstock - A Day and a Half

Again not planned. My roommate at the time wanted to go and I tagged along with him. We had no tickets and bought time on site - at $20 per. Bad move, since one didn't need tickets since the site was not secure. Everyone threw the tickets on the ground, including us. Another bad move, since I could be selling those on eBay. At some point we got separated and I had no idea where the car was. So I was on my own with some money, but there was nothing to buy. The local residents were giving us water and free sandwiches. It rained and I was not prepared for camping. In the evening I tended a camp fire. If you wanted to get warm I asked for firewood and a cig. Everyone worked with that. I ended up sleeping in a field that evening. The next morning I decided to get the hell out of there. I hitched back to the Dad's house, which took awhile and then crashed. My roommate showed up and wanted to go back. I passed, my younger brother ended up going back with him. At the time this wasn't "Woodstock," but it became that soon after.