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Max and Landon

Denny Bear

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Oct 20, 2008
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Sioux City, IA
I love watching videos like this one where everything goes just like it is supposed to go. There was that nervous apprehension at the beginning that makes it exciting then David twists and tugs at there soul until they finally grudgingly give in. Then we see the fear in their eyes as they are getting ready trying to get their dicks hard. Next is that shreak of pain at that first feeling of hard cock up their ass which slowly turns into pure pleasure and they find themselves getting into it. We hear the subtle moans as they beg yes yes yes or fuck me. Then when the bottom shoots his load while the top is still humping to beat the wind, God I love that part. The smile on their faces when it was all over told how much these boys enjoyed them selves. I cant wait to see how much easier Landon is to deal with the next time David asks him to bottom. I sat back and smiled and gave it an easy 5...:thumbup:
This question is for anyone. I noticed severl modles seem to have all over tans. Did they get these tans at a clothing optional beech or did the go to a nudist resosrt to get their tans?
Welcome to the forum JR. Most models who have the all over tans get them at tanning salons where they get in nude.
You said it all, Denny. Agree, agree, agree!
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Landon sure is well tanned all over..that's for sure. The contrast against the white briefs was way hot. In fact,it was great to see both of them wearing the ole tighty whities. These shoots, I believe, date back to early last year or before. It would be nice to see if they'd like to make a return visit.
I reckon Landon got his money's worth. Damn, I love his accent, and just adored him when he said "reckon"! LOL!

Max is so likeable. Wish he'd reconsider and get back on the Futon.

Would love to see Landon again. I so enjoy that deep voice coming from a smaller guy. Cutie.

Great video!

Hey, guys,

For me, this was a great video, and one of the best things about it was David's superb interview with the guys - in which he gently explored some of their ideas and feelings about bisexuality, and embarking on such a venture. I love David's sense of humor, and the way he teases the models, but this was one of the first times I can recall his having a serious heart-to-heart with them, and receiving really thoughtful, genuine replies. . .

I know that interviews like that aren't always possible, but with these two guys, who both seem very thoughtful and well-adjusted, it worked perfectly. And it was so interesting to get a glimpse into their ideas and feelings.

Max seems like a super guy, very kind and easy to get along with (he reminds me a bit of Joshua Jackson): and Landon is ULTRA-cute and lovely in EVERY way. (He is a dead ringer for Dominic Cooper from "Mamma Mia" and "The History Boys" - except far, far, cuter!) And such a DEEP voice issuing forth from a slender, slighter guy, is a real turn-on!

Great video, Broke Straight Boys!

Well they certainly didn`t get them at a spelling bee! Let me say two words, "tanning salon." And how do you spell "model" or "beach?"
I know this is an old thread - well not too old.
I just finished watching all the episodes with Landon & I have to say he is an absolute cutey.
I don't know if it was nerves, shyness or just a quiet disposition but he looked so serious during each episode. Meaning he didn't do much smiling, but when he did ..... like I said he is an absolute cutey & even more so when he did allow himself to open up a little & smile.
BTW I hope he does come back.