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Mason Wyler tested Postive

Wow, BigGurl thanks for sharing. It really brings home what can happen when models bare back. And it is always sad to see or hear about HIV claiming another person... At least these days it is not the same death sentence it was years ago. It does however put a huge damper on their future sex lives.

My prayers go out to that Mason...
Hey guys and gals, I lost my two younger brothers to AIDS back in the 80's. I don't wish it on anybody.
Yes, all three of us boys were and are gay.

Hey guys and gals, I lost my two younger brothers to AIDS back in the 80's. I don't wish it on anybody.
Yes, all three of us boys were and are gay.


Gary, now I know you have a few stories to tell...:thumbup1:
At another time Jayman. Have a lot going on. Just found out that my cousin's wife down in California has had a massive stroke and she is in a cold suit and an induced coma. Don't look good. Will keep all posted.
At another time Jayman. Have a lot going on. Just found out that my cousin's wife down in California has had a massive stroke and she is in a cold suit and an induced coma. Don't look good. Will keep all posted.

Gary, my paryers are with you and your family.:wink:
gary, i hope all is well with your family.

this is a great opportune time to revisit my first post here on the forums. it is extremely important to be safe, in every sexual encounter possible. whether that be from oral or anal. the risk of infection exists in every way possible! you may not realize it, but oral is just as risky as anal. yes, the virus is fragile and is usually destroyed in your stomach before it has the chance to infect, but think about the path it must take. a small lesion in your mouth from brushing your teeth or flossing too hard, food that was a little coarse or chewed improperly can cause abrasions in your mouth/esophagus. these every day occurences can open you up to the virus. it takes just a minute amount to come in contact with any open sore on the path to your stomach... please be careful. they are making wonderful strides in the field of hiv/aids prevention and cessation medications, but you don't want to have to even think about taking the cocktails they have now.

hiv is among the most rapidly mutating viruses we know of. if you are indeed hiv+, you should even protect yourself when engaging in intercourse with another hiv+ man. different strains exist and you might both wind up with more than one strain and quicken your own death (i hate to put it that way, but i believe this post is meant to inform on the facts and not sugarcoat them).

sorry, i hate to see people risk their own lives for the sake of pleasure. it sort of ignites something inside of me to educate. be well all. WRAP IT UP!
Thoughts and prayers

Not a time to judge..lets home he stays healthy and best of luck to he and his friends and family.
Dearest Gary,

My condolences on the loss of your brothers. I can't even imagine what that was like for you. I hope that your Jon continues to improve and that your cousin's wife manages to pull through this. Thanks for keeping us informed. You know by now that we care. XO
This is sad news, but I'm sorry it's unlikely that Mason Wyler contracted HIV while filming one of his scenes bareback. Models who perform bareback, as well as all models I believe, are thoroughly tested on a very regular basis for obvious reasons.

If you say oral isn't safe either, what are you suggesting? People wear a rubber while getting a blowjob too? Even if you don't shoot your load directly into your partner's mouth, there is still plenty of cum that is released prior to ejaculation just due to pre-cumming. But then what if the rubber is defective and has a hole in it, and you have a cut in your mouth? You could still contract it even if your partner pulls out and cums by jacking off instead of cumming into his rubber.

I think the odds of contracting HIV by having sex with someone who has been recently tested and comes up negative are less than getting hit by a car while walking across the street, or dying in an airplane crash.

The only way to guarantee you're not going to contract HIV from sex is to abstain altogether. Period! Wearing a rubber doesn't guarantee you anything, although it does reduce your chances. It's much safer to limit your partners to those you trust, and who have been recently tested.

While the article doesn't specify how Mason Wyler contracted HIV, my guess is that he was with numerous sexual partners outside the controlled environment of the porn set on a very regular basis. I just hope his current employer had him tested frequently enough that he received the diagnosis prior to performing in a single scene while infected.

Personally, I don't think this story is about the dangers of bareback sex in porn as much as it is about what can happen if you have sex swith a lot of sexual partners you don't know, trust, and verify they are clean.

It's also a tragic story about Mason Wyler the person, and how his life has now been changed forever. I feel for him, and pray that he will get through this.

Thank you Abe for the being the voice of reality. Have had 2 partners who were poz & I am still neg. But, I took proper steps to educate myself & my partner about what is acceptable sexual practice. I am lucky in that I have a wonderful doctor who counseled me and gave me a real picture of just how one can become infected. Everything Abe stated is absolutely true, true safer sex means condom use during oral sex, dental dams if you rim, even open mouthed kissing can be a risk, albeit an extremely slim one. I tend to agree w/ Abe becuz in this day in age you can actually reduce your chance of actual infection from exposure to practically nil by taking immediate medical assistance. It's the same regimen that someone in the healthcare field goes through if they for any reason become exposed to HIV. If it was becuz he was doing a bareback scene w/ another model that was positive, within a certain time frame he could have gone to a doctor, received treatment and possibly kept from becoming infected. We will prolly never know how or when it all occured. We must remember that unless he was raped or given contaminated blood, he made the decision to engage in sexual behavior that put him at risk. He is a grown adult and now must live with the consequences of his poor decisions. Much like a convicted felon in prison, he may not be on death row, but he must face the consequences of his life choices every single day for the rest of his life. Perhaps, he can turn this into a life path for the better and become an advocate for finding a vaccine or promoting education. Sometimes out of ashes grow roses, all we can do is wait and wish him the best as he copes with this news.
i guess some people are just not going to ever get it. those are the people who contract hiv and keep the virus spreading. i never said oral was completely unsafe. if you read what i wrote, you would see that i said the virus is fragile and will decompose in your stomach. if you're sleeping around with any person that blinks at you, you are at risk. simple as that. antiretrovirals work if caught quickly, but not all strains of hiv will be taken care of by ARV medications. sorry to inform you. hiv has the highest rate of mutation. just don't be stupid with your health.