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Look what I found


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Mar 24, 2010
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Prince George, B.C., Canada
I don't think we've seen these.


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He looks amazing in those photos, pretty obviously several years old. Thanks for finding and posting them ww2.
You might be right, joninliverton, but as long as I'm/We're not trying to make any money from it, there shouldn't be any problem. More of these pictures at Big Dotados.
I agree with your declaration of love

DAMN I love Jacob Anthony!! Thanks for the photos

Quite frankly, I have always thought Jacob Anthony was the more handsome and sexy of the two cousins.:001_tt2: The fact that this is a by-racial episode only makes it the more appealing for me. I really enjoyed you sharing these photos.
I so disagree, Mike has it all over him. I would do Mike in a second, Anthony ah he is alright
I like them both for various reasons but I also like them together. After watching the many films they've now done together I sometimes wish I had similar cousins to play around with when I was younger.
I think Jacob Anthony is extremely sexy. It seems as though he came out of his shell on Broke Straight Boys You can see the difference in him from his first scene in Broke Straight Boys to the cousin's episode. He has always been one of my favs on Broke Straight Boys and is an extremely hot bottom. I hope to see more of his work.

Welcome to the Forum Kapric. I agree with you. I think I really like the idea he looks a lot like Keanu Reeves. So, when ever Ajcon Anthony is doing his scenes I kind of get to see what Keanu would be like too...:thumbup:
Not sure if I'm crossing any lines, but I have seen him in vids under the name Anthony Hendrix...