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List- 150 Bisexuals Actors

ELTON JOHN??? I'd like to see her with a woman lol

Oh too be young again! Yes, he was actually married to a real woman. Renate Blauel and he were married in 1984 and divorced in 1988.

Maybe she was a beard, maybe she wasn't.

Stephane, take another look at that list.... there's a couple more in there that are funnier than EJ!

Love ya guy!
Interesting list! Many I expected to see there, a few not so. I saw John Schneider, can't help bbut wonder if they meant Jon Schneider of "Dukes of Hazard". If so, I always heard Schneider as very homophobic, so I was shocked to see his name on the list. That is, if it is the same one. Along with this list, I'd like to see a list of films where these same actors might have played a gay character, or even jsut had a chance gay encounter.