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Jul 18, 2010
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I am having trouble with the site I go to the site and click on the scene and it wont play can you help me with this problem
my download time is now at 5 hours. my streaming stops and starts.
I'm sorry your having trouble johnny. The streaming is working fine for me.
Hey mike
I tried it again and it worked. Maybe ..dirty thing I am... Didn't warm up yet ? Rushed it. Try it again Another1. Hope it works.
It was ok....

We are not seeing issues with the video itself, but I am re-encoding it anyhow and will purge from all servers. Please be patient, this can take up to an hour, but I started the process.

Thank you!
~ Chuck
Mine started to stutter, but I just paused it for a few minutes and then it was fine. See Broke Straight Boys teaches me about gay sex, as well as patience...thanks guys.:bump:
Peter, you are not supposed to hit on Chuck. He is not a Broke Straight Boys He is an employed straight site administrator. lol

You're so right Mikey. Peter needs to steer clear of Chuck.

Only I'm allowed to hit on Chuck! :001_wub: It's written in the fine print of the forum bylaws. :angel:

Here's a thread we had some fun with a long time ago. :biggrin: How Cute and Straight is Chuck the Straight Administrator?