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JW Glass Happy 24th Birthday


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Oct 28, 2008
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Happy 24th Birthday JW Glass:thumbup: :waw:


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Oh, Jayman, thank you for starting this thread, and with such flourish! I, too, would like to wish my very special and beloved friend, JW, a very, very Happy Birthday!!! Joe, you are such a very dear and lovely man, and I hope this year is filled with friendship, love and joy! I am so grateful to be able to call you friend! Cheers to you, darling man, and may every day of this new year be filled with happiness!


awe thanks guys, im so glad im still on the forum to accept your birthday wishes!
I too wish you the greatest day in your life and may you have many more to come. Happy Birthday JW. from up here in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

:001_tt1::001_tt1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :001_tt1::001_tt1:

I wish you the very best, Honey. For today and the rest of the year.
Dearest Boo Boo,

Happy Birthday on this day of your birth! I know we called Southern Decadence your birthday trip, but I still want you to have a fantastic day. You are my best friend. I am so glad we met here. I poo poo all those people who say real friendships can not be made on a porn site. Thank your mom for popping out such an awesome kid 8,760 days ago. And my wish for you this year is that you get all the things you deserve...and a boyfriend...in Pennsylvania!! Talk to ya later today, when the real festivities will begin.

Hugs and Kisses!


P.S. Thanks for spooning with me when I'm down in the dumps! And holding my hand when stupid boys make me cry. And recruiting guys armpits for me to lick. ;) You my bestie for life!

P.S.S. "Happy Birthday Gangsta Bitch!"
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I know we don't see eye to eye but Happy Birthday Joe. Don't do anything I wouldn't do which leaves you loads to get up to. lol
Happy Birthday, Joe!!! I'm sure there'll be lots of drinking and merriment for you today. Have an awesome day and year.

thanks guys! its so awesome to get wishes from all of you!
thanks guys! this thread means a lot to me, i had a super shitty birthday weekend, and this just about made my day! (among other things, thanks miss d!)
Sorry the day itself was a downer Joe.
Hope your 24th year brings you lots of first rate happiness.