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Jimmy and Rocco


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Nov 14, 2008
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so cal
i see why jimmy and rocco are in my top favorites.
jimmy was more into this scene than i ever expected to see him.
kissing and sucking.
i found it entertaining.
thanks jimmy! thanks rocco! and a job well done to clay!
Yeah, JIMMY, you did it! You sucked dick! Congratulations. Talk about an attitude adjustment. Of course, he wasn't great, but I would have been worried if he had been. And KISSING TOO!!!! Not much but any was great. I think you got him cheap too, Clay.
Now not to be too greedy, but will we or when will we get his ass? Baby steps.
Oh, and you did great too, Rocco! Love to see your great cock.
Yeah, JIMMY, you did it! You sucked dick! Congratulations. Talk about an attitude adjustment. Of course, he wasn't great, but I would have been worried if he had been. And KISSING TOO!!!! Not much but any was great. I think you got him cheap too, Clay.
Now not to be too greedy, but will we or when will we get his ass? Baby steps.
Oh, and you did great too, Rocco! Love to see your great cock.

BABY STEPS!!! I think a nice slow next step for these two models would be rimming. Watching Jimmy toss salad and get his salad tossed would he hot!

This was one of the best vids yet. At the start of BSB2, I found Jimmy really attractive; I go for the more muscular, masculine models, but he was such a jerk and so obnoxious that I thought they should let him go. Over time, he's coming along. I saw the Behind the Scenes with him at the Fetish convention and he really was good there.
He's never gonna love it, but he'll become technically proficient over time. A reluctant gay for pay dude. With an attitude and a cocky grin. But his body has great lines. Look at his right side stretched out to lean over and suck Rocco's dick. Something off a naughty Greek vase!
Rocco as usual delivered. Great dick, but the boy needs a few good meals!

The pay scales are more and more suspect. Do we really think Jimmy of all the models would suck dick for the first time for $200?????
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Hot hot hot. Yay for Jimmy. And I loved the kissing. :) Happy girl here!

p.s. post #666
Nice Job Jimmy

Good Job Jimmy! No badmouthing gays, and Thanks for your first effort. We are all people ans do what we have to do to survive. Rocco, you are 1 hot guy! Another hot scene.
I knew Jimmy had it in him! no wait that might be in the next shoot!
great job guys! models and crew behind the shoot!
YES! I believe it is true that Jimmy has come a LONG way. He is a str8 guy with a big heart. I really liked what he said to Willie, Think about it as putting food on the table for your kid." I respect him for all he has done and hope to see him a lot more. I've liked him from the beginning, and more each shot I see him in. Rocco did well too. Thanks
Well I usually like most everything on this site, but heres my problem (No offense Clay if you are the replacement for David) but yeah the models prolly WOULD enjoy it much more and get into it heavier if u coaxed them with more money like $300 maybe. Maybe u have to cut back on funds paid Clay, but I feel that way. On another topic, if u paid this new guy Bobby more maybe he can get fucked, ya know? I think that would be sweet
I really liked this scene. Glad to see Jimmy with such a positive attitude. Wow, sucking for the first time is scary for a gay guy, imagine the thoughts going through Jimmy's head. Rocco, what a great smile. You always turm me on. Loved the way you both gave a thumbs up. You both get 2 thumbs up from me.
Great Scene Jimmy!

Wow! This was a really good scene. Rocco did a very good job as usual. I will miss the long hair. haha But you would still look beautiful bald Rocco.

I think this scene deserves a solid 4 at least. I'm rather saddened that it hasn't done better in the ratings so far. Especially given the fact that Jimmy went above and beyond to try to please his fans. The only thing that I can attribute that to is perhaps the pacing was a little off. It did drag on in a few places. Perhaps some more fine tuning on the editing?


We did see that you went above and beyond in this scene to try to give more to your fans. You stepped out of your comfort zone in a big way here. Thank you for that! Sincerely. :001_smile: I know that had to be difficult for you.

You are a handsome guy with a strong personality. You have a nice body that many people, myself included, enjoy admiring. Being straight you are a good fit on this site. My point being I guess is that I have nothing negative at all to say about your body or your playful personality. I get a kick out of you flashing your beautiful smile at us and giving the thumbs up during a blow job. Because I know that you are being yourself and you enjoy hamming for the camera.

So please know Jimmy that any critiques I give you are only in hopes of helping you get even better as a model. If you were gay then I would just have to take or leave any performance of yours as is. Since you are straight and new to this then I (we?) sometimes feel a desire, or even an obligation, to tell you what you are doing right in scenes...as well as to tell you how you might improve even more. While I'm on that subject I will quickly say that I totally believe you are straight. You expend alot of time and energy trying to make that point. It matters to you alot that your fans and your wannabe fans know that you're straight. I'm already convinced. :001_smile:

So it is that spirit that I will share some unsolicited advice with you. haha I loved the fact that you did some kissing. That was awesome. One of the gifts you gave your fans in this scene, whether you were aware of it or not, was the fact that you were soft before the kiss...but at the end of the kiss you were getting hard again. That does NOT mean that you are gay or a closet gay. It's just a physiological reaction to stimuli. My point is though that you gave the camera something extra and your fans therefore had something extra to cheer about.

Another part was when you were giving oral to Rocco. At one point you said with some exasperation, "It's so big." Without you even knowing it, that was priceless! haha Commenting in a positive way about another man's body is something we viewers and fans look for. Again, another small example of where you can give the camera something extra without demeaning yourself or dropping your shield of heterosexuality.

You gave a really good try at doing oral for the first time. Here's a couple pointers.... One of the reasons you struggled with it, beyond the obvious psychological conflict of it, was the position you were sitting in. You were leaning over and resting all your weight on both hands. That's a very uncomfortable position from which to try to give oral. It ensures that you will be straining yourself at a time when you are only going to be able to breathe through your nose. Exerting yourself and basically having to pant through your nose will not be enjoyable in the least.

You should try a position that allows you to lean on your side. That way your body weight is going to be held up by only one hand or no hands at all. You have to be able to breathe comfortably through your nose. If not, it guarantees that you will not have a hardon the whole time. And that you will get no physical pleasure out of it yourself. And yes, I remember you're straight. lol But it's also great for a porn model if you can at least keep a semi while giving oral. Not even gay models can always do that though. So don't sweat that part.

As you saw, giving oral is not easy. You still need to try to use more tongue when giving oral. So it's not a dry socket bobbing up and down. And you need to work on taking it a little deeper. I hope it gives you a new appreciation for what all your past women have gone through! haha

Believe it or not there are lots of gay guys who have strong gag reflexes too. People talk about how great big dicks are. But when the bedroom door closes, sometimes a little bit smaller can be better. Many times women and gay men appreciate a smaller dick that isn't going to gag them or force them to take a large dick down their esophagus. The gag reflex thing can get better with practice though.

The other thing I would bring up is that your affect and facial expressions tend to be very flat. Some people are naturally that way when they are having sex. They are feeling great pleasure physically and emotionally
but they don't show much emotion on the outside. Many times your face is too much of a blank canvass. If you were alone with your gf that would be fine. But porn by its very definition is a spectator sport. The camera can't embellish or invent what's not there. The viewer can fantasize about but not invent what's not there.

Even subtle things like mild grunts or long exhales, a rolling of the eyes, a tossing back of the head during a blowjob for instance can improve a scene alot. Say for instance you are watching a straight porn scene. The male model is busting his ass going down on a woman. He's giving it his all. He's licking away, he's moaning, slurping, moving his hands all over, his tongue is sliding everywhere.... Then say that her nipples are even hard. So you know she's enjoying it on some level. But then the camera pans to her face. Instead of a look of pleasure or ecstasy she is staring off into space looking ambivalent, if not downright bored. She looks like she is mentally putting together her next grocery list. How hot will that be for a straight guy to watch?

Some might accuse the female model, whether it's true or not, of being "arrogant". The other model is working very hard to give her pleasure and trying to give the viewers a good show. She looks like she is letting the other model do all the work and she's not showing him or the viewers enough appreciation. I don't believe that you are arrogant Jimmy. You are not an arrogant person in the BTS vids. That label is a bum rap for you. A big part of the reason that you have been falsely accused of that, (by a very small minority) is due to some of the things I mention above. If you can work on some of the facial expressions you can banish that notion altogether.

This was by far your best scene yet Jimmy. Thank you again! :001_smile: A very good job indeed. Each time we see you you get better. xo
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Jimmh... You're too hot to be such a drama queen. Suck it like you like yours sucked. You're a porn star... Act like one. :)
A good scene. I enjoyed seeing Jimmy expanding his boundries. I am not as enthused over his performance as Tampa24 seems to be, but I am glad that he is beginning to do more things. As a person, who didn't like him at all in his earlier performances, I am beginning to enjoy seeing him in scenes. I think he still has alot of improving to do, but he is making progress. As a side, i want to comment about his insistance that he is str8. Maybe he is. Who knows? He carries the act very well. I will say something that alot of Forum members will disagree. That's ok. I respect that. BSB2 is strictly a fantasy site. I have only seen a few models who I felt were totally str8. A few models who I felt were totally gay. I will put the others and majority in the bi category. I think the bi models lean 70/30 toward sex with guys. As far as i am concerned, this is just fine with me. We can make them be, whatever we want them to be in our minds. This just happens to be the way I see things. Right or wrong?
maybe it is because i have met jimmy and like him, but i think this continued criticism of jimmy is unwarranted.
scene made in february and march aired in april and suggestions for improvement were quickly made. the comments were made and read.
we know the models read the comments, and from chatting with jimmy, i know he reads the comments.
in the forum, jimmy said he would work on looking like he making a grocery list in his head.
i don't know when this scene was shot, but jimmy was more three dimensional and money was not toss around the room unlike some earlier scenes.
i know guys who would not put their mouths on another guy's mouth, even to give cpr.
jimmy effort. keep on keeping on
I hope this does not make you give up on BSB2. 3.4/5 ?????
Rocco did his usual great job. Jimmy was great. If that was not a str8 guys first blow job then nominate him for an oscar. If that was not what Broke Straight Boys is about then I do not know what is. You must be shaking your head with this rating.
Great job Jimmy, remember practice makes perfect.
Kudos to Jimmy for going the extra step (finally).

I do wonder though, what would he think of his girlfriend if she gave him the exact same blowjob that he gave Rocco?
Before we leave behind the discussion of this scene for good, I wanted to add a couple more things. There are those who have really given Clay and/or the support staff a hard time about the camera work. I have generally not found the camera work to be bad at all. Yes, it did need some improvement after the very first scenes. But not that much.

I do concur though that the filming of the kissing part of the scene was very strange. The kissing was led into with the usual protests from the models and the haggling over the price of said kiss. As they finally agreed to do the kiss they stated that they would only do it for 10 seconds. The whole time they are negotiating, the camera has a closeup of both of them. Then just as they start their 10 second kiss somebody decided it would be a brilliant idea to switch camera angles and capture most of it from the back of Rocco's head from seemingly 10 feet away. Perhaps it was one of the few reasons why the scene did not do better in the ratings.

As others have said, the scene should have rated better. While Jimmy is not yet a star in here he is showing great strides in trying to improve his scenes. I found this one photo that I thought was excellent. It is obviously from the still photos taken during the warmup to the actual shoot. I really think they should have gone with this pose and video camera angle in the actual scene.

Given that this is Jimmy I find this photo especially Hot. Do you guys like this one as much as I do?


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