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Jayce & Charlie


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Jul 20, 2009
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Jayce is a gentleman, a team player, and talented.:sneaky2:
And Charlie has a good attitude, and a real nice cock, when he gets hard. I loved watching Charlie's eyes roll back, as Jayce was giving him excellent head. This was a very entertaining episode, as the days dwindle down on David's futon. :thumbup1:
Great scene. Charlie went further that I expected. Jayce is such a nice person. I think he can make anbody feel comfortable. Good job on both their parts.
Jayce & Charlie were fantastic together....I would like to see Charlie do more...he is hot....
I was under the illusion that Jase/Jayce was straight and enjoyed doing gay sex for money - maybe he is straight and does enjoy gay sex for money. But after watching these websites he is on, I kind of doubt that he is straight. It really made me disappointed about him because I wanted to believe differently about his sex orientation. Anyway, I'll survive but meanwhile I still enjoy watching him perform on Broke Straight Boys and look forward to his next installment with Charlie.
A weird thought came into my head while watching Charlie's second episode. I have to admit that I have been wrong before and on this site.

But can it be that Charlie is a relative of Broke Straight Boys Daniel? Maybe a brother or cousin? Of course I probably am totally wrong in this. It's just a wild hunch.


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Oh wow, I knew I had seen him somewhere else... I think also maybe a jizz-addiction and/or toe-gasms?
Wow. He really has been doing the rounds. Piss and cum eating. And getting fucked while being pissed on. And nearly self sucking. His profile says he's 6'1" but he must have grown. Charlie's says he's over 6' doesn't he? Jase must be about 6'5" or something. Imagine that futon with piss all over it.........His teeth seem a little straighter. Hopefully he's putting his gay pay to good use.
And forgot to say, I'm really into Charlie. Such a hot body and cute face.
Another interesting point, Charlie did not go soft in pt. 2 methinks the boy likes it.
Jayce and Charlie fucking

I was disapointed NOT to see Charlie get fucked by Jayce. Im hoping David that you can convince him (for more money maybe) to bottom next time with Jayce or another P L E A S E