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Jason and Mick, coming soon to a screen near you...


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May 9, 2010
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I'm all a twitter! I fell in love with Jason when he was on Broke Straight Boys before. Mick was never on Broke Straight Boys but he did a scene on Boy Gusher and on College Boy Physicals with Jason Creed and he just... as Deidra would say, he puts dew on my lily pad:)

I can't wait for the June 11 update! It's the first update I've anticipated since Broke Straight Boys 2.0 started! Thanks, Mark, for finally putting Mick on Broke Straight Boys!!!

I have one word to add......:lol: DITTO!
I am über excited for Jason's return!!!!! Let's hope he brought his favorite Under Armour with him again. :))) Good going management!!!!
I just watched Mick on College Boy Physicals, lets see taking a big dick and huffing poppers well thats my kind of boy!!! Looking for to seeing Jason again as well, nice personality and body.
At Last BRILLIANT !!!! No moaning No prejudice Just doing there job
I'm with you Laura, I think he is one special young man.

And I'm with you as well Ms. Deidra, I always liked Jason. Sorry he had to go through that experience, but I am glad he is well, and has come back.

Thank you Mark, for taking Jason back.He is a good performer.