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Feb 25, 2009
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New England
Can't believe I am the first one with a comment on Jake. I think he's a good find. His personality is upbeat and he seems willing to do his best. Hopefully, he'll be given a chance to show exactly what he can and will do. I don't usually watch an entire solo, but this one was and exception. Maybe it had something to do with him being only the second uncut model since the inception of BSB2. I was beginning to think that Broke Straight Boys either could not find any uncut guys or simply did not choose to use them. So, thanks for the variety and hope to see more of Jake and guys like him.
Although I am not a fan of Uncut Jake was awesome sure hope he decides to stick around
Nothing special. I sure hope we are not back into flashing money on screen. If Jake returns, maybe it will be in a better eposide.
Jake looks familiar to me. He was a little too easy. Bumming a cigarette? Isn't that a hustler's ploy. Clay certainly wasn't warm to him. Seemed suspicious. Isn't fifty dollars a low amount for a first time solo? Jake tried to negotiate for showing his ass, but apparently Clay wouldn't budge. He showed it anyway. His car accident story was also dicey. He did intrigue me. I liked his average guy look. I like that he is not hung. Apparently he has indicated he will do future episodes. I'll watch.