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interview questions


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Apr 7, 2009
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New York
Hey guys!
I have a few questions to suggest for the interview part of the videos.

I think it would be cool to find out if the guys have ever been caught jerking off and if so by whom. :confused1:

It would laso be cool to know if they ever shared room and how they hid their jerking off from their roomate if they did hide it.:cool:

As a guy who has shared a dorm room I would like to know what the guys have to say.:thumbup:

I have one for the repeat performers: Now that they know how good topping a guy feels, have they been tempted when hit on in their real life to say yes as long as they are still on top?
Thanks for the reponse!

I am glad people actually read what I write.

Keep up the great job!
One of the questions I alway like to hear the answer to is how old they were when they started jacking off. A lot of other sites ask that question and I just think it is hot. Memories of jacking as a kid are some of my fondest.