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If anyone wants to add me this beach bum aussie to their list of friends, let me know


Nov 7, 2009
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I live in Brisbane, Australian. I live in a beach suburb about 30 minutes north of brisbane, and would love to meet guys from all over the world. Seems we have one thing in common, and that is Broke Straight Boys...HAHAHA...now that is way cool. I love to swim (cant surf 'doh), but like to hang out on the beach. I like playing six string and Bass guitar and just the usual things that younger guys do. So if you wanna get in contact with me then please....feeel free. I love meeting people from all over this great world of ours.

Happy Holidays,

would love to chat with ya, but not sure how to add ya. but welcome and look forward to reading your post.
Are we friends yet? I just went to your page and clicked "befriend baynesbayboy". You have to accept me if you want this to go all the way however lol...