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I hope to see you soon....


Dec 8, 2008
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To Jayman, Slimvintage, parisnoyd, Dennybear, Markymark, and the super hot Mark, owner of Broke Straight Boys site, I hope to be back. You guys along with others I may have missed, have made this forum great fun for me. Jayman, you have been nothing but a gentleman and I appreciate that - actually you all have. Who knew one drunk night surfing for porn, I would find some really great people on a gay men's site :) I may be gone for a few days, but I really hope to be back soon. It's 10 pm est and I think I have til midnight.
Thanks guys and behave :sneaky2:
This is really sad. We will miss you babe. Hurry back DB
It has been a pleasure having you on the forum as well and you will be sadly missed during your leave......
We will miss you too Milf. Be well, and hurry back soon. :thumbup: