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I have a SPECIAL Request


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Aug 18, 2011
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I would LOVE to see Bobby, Jack, and Mick together!! Can you say "JACK" sandwich? :thumbup:
YES Me too

Totally agree . A three way with Bobby, Mick and Jack. Bring it on!!!
Three cute puppies in a basket, clambering all over each other, getting their little peepees in each others' eyes, growling and yapping and rolling over on their backs.

Very terrific idea. It would be funny and happy and terribly hot. All three of them are excellent smilers and at the same time are just naturally sexy as hell.

Welcome to the forum xyinme, you sound like an intelligent guy.
In my not-so-professional opinion, this is a sure gaurantee for success - it's a win, win, win proposition. Bring it on, we got a great bottom, a great top and a versatility. Can't wait to see this trioka.