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Hottie Striaght Boys :)


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May 28, 2010
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Since joining this site I have been looking at men in a whole new way and after pride it only got bigger the types of guys I would love to see on the futon :) With this being a week that I have off I have been listening to a lot of music and browsing the web. I found few hotties that if you aren't listening to their music you should be.

Sam Adams

Mike Poser

Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars

Any Guys that we should be listening go ahead and put them up :) I am open to anything :)
I know what you mean about hotties all over the place. All over Texas I saw gorgeous potential futon material. They kept me squirming in my seat for all the 2000 miles of my trip! They were everywhere, busboys at restaurants, guys filling up their cars at the gas stations along the way, racers in the bike ride, young guys searching the grocery store isles. Even at home, I can't keep my eyes focused on my husband. One of the wait staff at our favorite restaurant is one of the most beautiful young men I have ever seen, with a gorgeous smile and cheeks that turn the perfect shade of rosy.... I feel like a pervy old lady! If they only knew that I was thinking of Broke Straight Boys's to match them up with on the futon!

And I liked the Travie McCoy song and vid. Very catchy, dance-able summertime song.
I think my hubby has given up on me looking at men. I just tell him he straight boy enough for me and boy that dick i don't know where else I would go :) But day dreaming is so much fun :)

btw good to know you are back :) and posting :)
lovelumps and BiGurl, honies, it's called windowshopping. You're looking but not buying. Girls worldwide and gay guys do it all the time.