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Hey everyone its colin!


BSB Model
BSB Model
Aug 16, 2011
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hey every one its colin just set up an account today.
Welcome to the forum Colin. I think you will find us to be a diverse group of many opinions. However, we all get along and respect each other. Hope you have fun on the forum.
Hi Colin, Welcome to the group. Have enjoyed your scenes very much. You are a great addition to the team and look forward to hear from you your point of views as a model on here. Keep up the great work..
Hey Colin. You are a very welcome addition to Broke Straight Boys-2 and to this forum. Thanks for taking the time to interact with your viewers. I look forward to seeing more of your work, and I hope you have some fun with it.
Hi Colin

Colin Welcome to the forum. Really like your scenes .
i probably should not doubt this is my new favorite, colin, but i do doubt it.
Remember when MikeyR just erupted onto the forum without Mark's knowing anything about it?

Colin, are you a porn consumer who's subscribed to Broke Straight Boys because you like this site or are you the guy we've been watching in the videos the last few days? Tell us more, you've got us confused man!
Hmmmmmmm..........Broke Straight Boys always sets models up with their names as usernames and Broke Straight Boys Model as their title??????????

Anyone who posts as a BluMedia employee whether it's a model or Mark or Scorpio has different credentials, you can tell it's a profile that's been set up for them by the forum Admin because their profile name will be in bold, and it will literally say "Broke Straight Boys Model" "Blumedia Designer" "Site owner" etc., instead of how it appears under our name as "Junior Member", "Senior Member", etc. Plus, our non employee names aren't in bold on the forum.

So if anyone wonders about a new poster's authenticity, check their name when looking at the post. :001_smile:

when this thread was first started, it said junior member. the name was not in bold type.
that has changed!
now it says model.
trust, but verify.
thanks scorpio!
good to have you in the forum, colin.
i may not be your biggest fan, but i will be another one!
grown use to the drum roll and the formal introduction.
it is rare, although not unheard of for a Broke Straight Boys model to just show up and say, shit howdy.
i like colin just jumping in and posting.
Welcome Colin!!


I'm so glad that you are legit. I look forward to hearing from you in future posts. :001_smile:
Welcome Colin,
I am sure that many of us would love to get know more about you and hear your opinions on various Broke Straight Boys subjects. I can't wait to read some of your comments and reactions to Broke Straight Boys scenes. It's great to have you, like Rob, you put a "human face" on the models on this site.
:001_cool: thank you everyone for the warm welcome. im glad every one likes what they see and you can look forward to seeing more scenes from me. thank you scorpio for the validation. feel fortunate to be a part of Broke Straight Boys