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Here is an idea..............

Frankly, I am hoping for an auction involving the futon! (hint hint..)Or the glass I'm holding in my avitar... David?

With Love, I am,
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Maybe buy some new furniture? That room could be spiced up a bit and that poor old futon has seen a lot of action! QUOTE]

Shocker! You get a bunch of gay men together and our inner interior decorator surfaces. :biggrin:

While your point is totally valid, the minimalist futon look does scream 'impoverished hetero young male.' And how much would David have to pay a HazMat team to remove that DNA soaked futon?
One thing that is mega cool about this forum is the level of intensity and the passion expressed about the issues that have been bubbling up over the last few days. I said before that some of my own stabs at guessing what was going on behind the scenes were a result, exactly as David says, of not knowing what was going on behind the scenes.

rswaim is really taking a drubbing at the hands of the management. You guys actually don't have to put him down so severely. For the very reasons that you outline in your last post, (the reputation of the sites within the industry and among consumers for example) I'd have thought you could give him more leeway than you are since you feel secure in your methodology, creativity and practices. But one thing I do like is the fact that what Dave himself is saying has evolved over the past week. Earlier his message was not to take the site too seriously, but to loosen up and look upon its content as just entertainment. And now he has gone deeper and let us in on the mechanisms that go into recruitment, interviewing, establishing limits and filming. I can take the product more seriously, as entertainment, after reading his last post.

I love this site for what I suppose are all the wrong reasons, mainly it's un-slickness. Mark and Dave say it's gonna get better, but that would mean to me that it would stay the same. Dave would crack up every now and then with his amazing (dirty) chuckle while filming, the recruitment operation would keep on getting more of exactly the same breed of hotties all through next year that have been making their debuts during this one, and the guys' "stories" would stick as close as poss to what's actually happening in their lives. But certainly not that the set be changed into something more posh, that that sofabed EVER be changed for some other platform for the sex, or that any of the "hand held cam" feeling and dodgy splicing, should ever be lost.

(If the sofabed ever has to go, you should auction it off on eBay, it would make thousands, especially with the pink slipcover. And throw an awesome party with the proceeds.)

GreatLakes, this was where the auction idea started, back before Christmas. I agree that the sofabed reeks Cramped Straightie-Shared Apartment, with the last guy to sign up on the futon, bedded in the living room. Dave's boyfriend is the designer, but I would personally ungentrify the room a little, and put some monochrome posters up in place of the 80's watercolors over the couch, but no more than that.