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Hello from Delaware

Welcome to the forum Wc!

I see you've already found one of our handsome models. :001_smile:
Hey there and welcome from Texas...home of the World Series Texas Rangers (okay, maybe a bit premature). I hope you enjoy the site as much as I...so many boys and only two hands! Anyway, if you have time, go to the 10 facts about you and add your own twist; it's also a good place to learn about others. Hope to talk with you again...Bobby and Jimmy's video should show at midnight tonight...grab your popcorn or cock or vagina...and enjoy the show!
Greetings and welcome to the site and forum wc. I was born in Baltimore and lived in Montgomery County, Md. from the mid-70's to the mid 80's. And would vacation every summer at Bethany (when the kids were younger) and Rehoboth Beach in the later years. My favorite Atlantic beach resort ever!! Enjoy the site and the forum. I look forward to your posts.:thumbup:
Welcome wc,

Hope you have a great time here on Broke Straight Boys and in the forums. Lots of good people here. Lots of good controversy and banter. You'll find many of us spend more time here in the forums, than in the actual episodes. looking forward to your posts!
Hey there and welcome....I have a feeling that I live less than an hour away. Often go to Rehobeth when the traffic allows. Your not only going to love the "little shows" that are put on ever so often, but this forum is a hoot. Talk about opinions...well lets just say that we remain dear to each other but put in a bathroom stall in Dallas some of us would bitch slap the other over Jimmy....lol.!!!! Please hang around and pm me and I'll fill you in on how close we are etc. Welcome aboard.

Welcome Will,
You're really going to enjoy this site, and, in particular, The Forums!! They are fun and very educational, too! Do you know what "spooning" is? I had no idea what it was until I saw the Bobby and Jimmy scene!!!

On the other forum, we've had lively discussions about politics and an interesting discussion of the Tyler Clementis Case, thanks to Tim114 and Tampa 24!!

So there really is something for everyone! Enjoy your stay, Will, and even if I'm not a big Jimmy fan, I'd love to talk to you about anything else!!

Hey welcome to the site and the forum! always good to have an addition to the fam!
i have a friend in delaware.
welcome to the forum.
the last time i said that i knew someone in another state and mentioned the name, i learned to person i was meeting knew them too.
small world!
Ocean City, Md. born and bred but now live in Salisbury Maryland (job related). Get to Rehobeth DE about once a month. Where do you live now.

Ocean City, Md. born and bred but now live in Salisbury Maryland (job related). Get to Rehobeth DE about once a month. Where do you live now.

I live in Florida now, but I lived in Wilmington DE. I dont like the cold so I had to get back to the south lol.