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Happy Twenty-Ten


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Oct 26, 2008
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The island next door to Ibiza
It's already 4 am on the 31st here, so it's OK to say to all the lovely guys on this forum,
management, boys, forumites:

Happy New Year!!!!!
Twenty Ten
Happy New Year Slim. And Happy New Year to all my dear friends in Forumland.
Happy new year to you slim and tampa thanks for being a cool friend to me take care
Happy New Year to all the management and staff of this fab site and also to the great guys in the forum. It has just gone midnight in the UK so we are now officially in 2010.

Best of health and good luck to you all. Lots of love xxjonxx
Happy New Year!
I want to take this time to wish everyone at BluMedia, Broke Straight Boys, David and Eddie and all of the forumites a very happy New Year and hopefully a lot more prosperous one too.
We out here on the west coast of the US still have a little over two hours to go until 2010 arrives.
No big plans. Will watch a little of the Dick Clark Rockin New Years show. I guess Ryan Seacrest is going to be hosting it this year and there will be an appearance from Mr. Clark himself.
Again, Happy New Year everyone.

Gary in Tacoma
Happy New Year from PA!!!

Sounds lovely Jon. I wish I was there.