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Happy July 4


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Jan 4, 2012
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Puerto Rico
Wishing you lots of great BBQ and fireworks. Have a safe July 4 friends.


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Please be ever mindful on this July 4th...

To all my dear forum friends everywhere:

I hope you have a wonderful holiday, reflecting on the significance of America's July 4th Celebration. Whether a US citizen or not, be ever appreciative of those many freedoms you may take for granted today! Realize every day that many others have given the "supreme ultimate sacrifice" for us to bask in our freedoms we enjoy today. Realize that declaring our freedom is one of those unending and ever expanding tasks and responsibilities requiring constant vigilance each of us possess.

"Do what ever you can to make this world
a better place from which to live!

Sincerely Free,

Thank you Stimpy for a timely reminder. It is an especially good time to remember all our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, who serve around the world, preserving our freedom, and the right to be who we are! This year, we can all celebrate openly and happily for the first time!
I was wondering if "Independence Day" here was a sore subject in Great Britain. :001_unsure:

It definitely was a "sore" subject for me last night .. No but seriously I imagine most kids over here probably don't know the significance of July 4th. Half of them wouldn't know the difference between Easter and Whit - they would say well you get 2 days off at Easter and only one at Whit..
Happy 4th ~ Don't drink and drive!!! XOXO

To all of the American members, have a great (and safe) day!


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Thanks Quasar! You have a great day also. And you can take some satisfaction in knowing that Britain will always be our Mother Country. :)
Well its 845pm here so 345pm Eastern time. So yall will well and truly be celebrating. Love to yall from your Brit mates.
Happy Fourth to one and all! Last night for the first time in a real long time, I read the Declaration of Independence. What a masterful document and what a beautiful example of the principles of The Enlightenment.

One of the saddest times in recent history for me was the period when Nixon was president and he played the "America:Love It or Leave It" card during the deteriorating situation in Viet Nam. While that slogan took on a meaning for other societal reasons as well, it began the use of wedge issues to divide us as a people which has only gotten worse to the point where today few of our elected officials in Congress especially have forgotten about what is in the best interest of the common good.

But I remain ever hopeful because as the Constitution says, "...in order to form a more perfect union..."! We keep trying to get it more perfect knowing that true perfection is beyond human reach. But we keep on striving.

And thanks to our British cousins for your well wishes. And Tampa is right, Britain is and will always be our Mother Country. Our birth might not have been under the best of circumstances and it took us both a while to get our relationship right, but the US-British relationship is the closest in the world and a shining example of what a true fraternal bond between peoples is.

And on a more personal note- while I think of my deceased parents and brother every day, on the Fourth I think especially of my Dad whose Fourth was not complete unless he watched James Cagney in Yankee Doodle Dandy. It became easier for him with the advent of cable and the Turner Classic Movie channel which has always shown that movie on July 4. It is on tonight and as I watch it I will think of my Dad and how much he loved it.