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Happy Birthday JLipps4u!

Ms. Kianna

BSB Addict
Apr 17, 2010
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:par50:HAPPY BIRTHDAY JLIPPS4U!!!!!!!:par50:

I hope your day is extra special, because I think the world of you, and you definitely deserve it.:15:
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, JLipps and may you have many more!!


Oh Lipps, I thought of you...and wet myself...sorry! Have a great day! Fuck someone who really knows how to "blow your candles!"
Thank you all for your birthday wishes. This is just one of those things that makes being a forum member, and a part of Broke Straight Boys, so damned special!

FYI, I am in Houston this weekend spending time with my "family" family. We have been to many great eateries, with more in store. Great shopping, a fabuluos massage, and a lot of quality time with these special family members.(they are all gay)

Thank you lpdude, Beth, Stowe, Mikeyank, powabam, rrhill, Tampa, and my dear sweet Ms. K. You guys are absolutely AWESOME!

Oh, and thanks also to BrokeStraight Boys, for their good wishes as well.
Happy belated birthday, JLipps! That's just like me. I'm always an hour late and a dollar short! Sounds like you had a wonderful day with "family." I wish you many more happy birthdays!
Thanks Tequila,

And don't sweat it babe. I have missed a few myself. I don't get on here everyday, and therefore I miss my friend's birthdays as well. So, I try and send them good thoughts and wishes throughout the year.
Good! Then you won't mind me being belatedly belated. But can't miss saying it anyway. Happy Birthday, Lipp!
LOL, thanks Larkster!

Good wishes are always welcome, no matter when they arrive!