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Happy Birthday JLipps4u


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Oct 28, 2008
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Happy Birthday JLipps4u...
:waw: :waw: :waw:
Happy Birthday

Dearest JLipps4u

I had noticed a few days ago, but Jayman with his posting brought this important fact to mind again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
DEAR JLipps4u,


:waw:My Goodness! We are pleased to see that there is a second forumite celebrating with Natal Festivities! A MOST happy Birthday to you JLipps4u! Huzzah!
OMG, Jay, thank you so much. Stimpy, MS. K, your highness, thank you all. You are all awesome people! I woke up today and came on here to find these well wishes, it certainly did start my day off with a bang. IT is truly the best start to a birthday that I have had in many years!
Jay, you attention to details is inspiring!

I post rarely but can't be considered a lurker :) You have a wonderful writing talent, thanks for sharing, and most certainly have a wonderful birthday !!! :thumbup:
Undie, you sound almost as regal as markymark...except Marky would probably only allow Jlipps to kiss his hand :) Good thing everyone knows you're playful, or you'd be considered a big tease...hey wait a minute, you are!!!
I didn't wish either you or Gary happy birthday when I should have because I was so concerned about whether we were still Capricorns or if we'd got shoved into Sagittarius. But since that's cooled down and it looks like we can all remain in the Capricorn Brotherhood, let me wish you a great year ahead, prosperous, healthy, amusing and horny.

Love, slim

this greeting is copyright reserved and almost identical to Gary's. Christ I'm in a playful mood tonight.
Thank you slim, jon, tampa and kaalaa. You are all very sweet people. My humble thanks to all here in the forum.
I too was at first frazzled by the news that I might acutally be a Sagitarrius, instead of a Cap. However, after I read the characteristics of both, I realized I was okay with being promiscuous, after all, I have been very!
Mr. Lipps,
Happy B-day! (Better late than never!). Hope it was a GREAT/memorable one!
Oh, JLipps! I hope you had a wonderful Birthday! I'm sorry I'm late in wishing you a very happy and joyous year!

Happy Birthday!

Thank you Bob and lovelumps. You know, I find that goodwishes from people are NEVER late. They are always well received!