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Happy Birthday Gremlin


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Oct 28, 2008
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Dearest Beautiful Gremlin,

May you always have wind in your sailors,
May the road ahead always be as exciting as the man behind,
And may the cumming year leave you with true satisfaction and joy.

A birthday wish for you:



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happy birthday gremlin have fun and take care
Happy Birthday Gremlin and may you have a thousand more.
Happy Birthday Gremlin! Best wishes from Hanoi.

Everybody remember that you can't feed him birthday cake after midnight!
What can we feed him?:tongue_smilie:

I think tube steak is one of his favorite delights. However; I believe that there is only one man that brings the right flavor.:blush::glare:
thanks guys .... I hope all of you have had a great day
Happy birthday Gremlin. I just went to your page to check for more photos, and I saw the pics of your boyfriend. Wow!!! I can honestly say that he is as hot or hotter than any of the guys on Dave's futon. And you're not bad yourself.:tongue_smilie: I wish someone would video your birthday celebration with him. I'll bet that would be a hot piece of tape. Happy Birthday dude!!!

Gremlin!!! Welcome back dude! :waw:

Will you post some more hot photos for us? LOL :drool::wink:
Thomas that is cute I think he will like that...:biggrin::cool: